Political rallies

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Political rallies 3

Most people at politicals rallies could be idiots wasting time and don't even know it.

But this list from my troll is based on my posting of this...


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Political rallies 5

Yeah, your life is really going to change listening that John Edwards' speech on poverty or Rudy Giuliani's speech on leadership. Political rallies are lamer than just about anything I can think of.

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Political rallies 4

Keep them Lib'rels & Conslurpitups fightin', Bubby, & meanwhile we'll rob 'em ALL !

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Political rallies 5

(insert Tea Party joke here)

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Political rallies 4

Absolutely. Political rallies and campaigns give people a chance to escape reality for the illusive promise of the future, combined with intrinsic feel-good appeals to the nation's greatness. Doesn't matter that political rallies have the same deadening sameness, the same tired cliche's, the same concerned expressions of candidates who pretend to be citizens like you and me, all while gushing words of gratitude to supporters.

Our politics are designed to give people the illusion of choice, the illusion of democracy, to make it appear as if voting for one party is going to make a difference in the broader scheme. Many years ago, voting for one party meant voting for a definite political program, but nowadays, the differences between the two parties aren't significant. Whether you vote Republican or Democrat, you are likely to get economic neo-liberalism at home and rampant militarism abroad.

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