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04/11/2011 4

i've been using this website on and off for a year now. great information and the customer service is great if you get the right person, via their chat service it can be a little hit and miss who you speak to first, i've had a little trouble in the past where the person i was talking to was either new to the job or a trainee, but on the whole very good.
one thing that I've noticed is that when they have good deals they are really good, much cheaper then the others, and when they don't have the deals they are really expensive, this is why i always visit them during my research stage, if they are hot they are hot and i buy strait away.

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03/09/2011 5

I looked for a hotel in Paris. I found the hotel I wanted but kept looking at different sites to find the best price. I saw Hoteltravel on google and yahoo a few times but since the name was kind of new to me I was not sure I wanted to check them out. I found out that they are in business for 10 years and that they have some really good deals.

I searched then for another hotel near the airport in Paris and here again they had the best price!

I am not sure for other destinations but at least for Paris they have some good rates!

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