Bobbie Brown

Appeared in Great White's "Once Bitten Twice Shy," "House of Broken Love," and "Lady Red Light" but is best remembered for appearing in Warrant's "Cherry Pie"
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Bobbie Brown 2

I'm in the minority here - but the 'cherry pie' girl is a tad overrated. Porn was robbed of real talent. I demand a time machine to rectify this 80's travesty. Oh, and I want Bill Buckner to catch that ground ball, too...

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Bobbie Brown 5

NO! Not that one. Come on!

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Bobbie Brown 3

Couldn't give her more than 3 stars here because I had to Google to recall her name.

No novice at dating rock stars, she married Warrant lead singer Jani Lane shortly after the "Cherry Pie" video but they divorced a few years later.

Don't know whose "Cherry Pie" she is these days.

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