India/Hindu.AKA Bhavani,Bhima-Devi,Maha-Kali,Durga,etc.Warrior Goddess as well as that of time & ...
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Item added by Djahuti. Added on 12/30/2010
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Kali 1

Sorry but if you have ever seen an idol/statue of this so called "Goddess" it's not the most appealing Goddesses! She is the Goddess of destruction/time/death and is worshipped out of fear of being harmed by her! Really helping the people! I THINK NOT
If you did a little research you can find out stuff that will turn your stomach!!!

Undated to further explain about Kali the Goddess;

One description of the Idol; It is in this aspect that Kali has four arms. Her upper two hands hold a bloody sword and severed head, while the lower two are held out in welcome as Kali graciously grants the boons of her devout followers. (taken from a Kali follower)

another; In the many temples throughout India that are dedicated to Kali, she is worshipped during the dark of the moon. Her followers are frequently known to worship her at the cremation grounds on the very darkest of nights, and it is there that they present Kali with the offerings she requires: the offerings of flesh. Worshipping Kali in the cremation grounds is extremely important, because it is there that her followers will become used to the images of death.

And another; Kali has also been depicted as a woman with black or blue skin and long, wild black hair. With her tongue protruding from her bloodied mouth, she appears to be standing or dancing on top of her husband, Lord Shiva the Destroyer, who is lying there dead and covered with white ashes. Another belief is that Kali is actually squatting over Shiva and feasting on his intestines while, at the same time, she is offering him one of her breasts.

Want me to go on?
Apparantly yes! Updated 05/10/20122pm MST

To the disagrees; Can you explain how having a deity that kills demons yet it is sustain by sacrifice of flesh beit human or animal appealing? It is commonly worshipped out of fear, that her wrath could come upon you if you cross her, but yet it is described as a mother God!! I'm sure as a child I might have feared my mother but I certainly did not have to sacrifice flesh to appease her! Whereas I don't agree that Hinduism is the true faith, I do respect that everyone has a right to choose their faith! I however find it strange that people worship things out of physical fear. I also found this particular Idol/statue rather disgusting when I went to a Hindu temple. It certainly did not encourage love or affection, but rather it showed me a side to this faith that was based on fear and aggression.

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Kali 4

The infamous Thugees sacrificed their victims to her in days of yore.She still has devotees,but human sacrifice has gone out of fashion.As Godesses go,she's a major badass.

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Kali 5

...she also has a tight body and plump, blue rack.

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