Once Brothers

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Once Brothers 5

This is one of the most moving documentaries I have seen in my life. For me, a basketball lover who grew up in Europe during the 80's, this story has touched me deep. I followed this guys through their entire sport career, but I didn't know what really happened between them when the war in the Balkans blew up. The story has everything that would make up a blockbuster Hollywood movie: fatalities, friendship, sportsmanship, regret, success, failure, forgiveness, teamwork, and pride.

I remember watching these guys playing for Yugoslavia, and for their clubs in Europe. I remember when Petrovic signed up for Real Madrid when I was 7 years old. For kids, it was inspiring to see how some European player could compete at that level in the NBA. They, Divac, Kukoc, Radja, Petrovic and Fernando Martin, were the guys we admired and followed.

This documentary has showed me the human side of these men. I can see Petrovic as a natural born competitor with a huge sense of pride and somehow reserved outside of the court. Blade Divac is a good hearted big man, with the courage to recognize his mistakes and to fight for a friendship repeatedly rejected.

I would highly recommend this movie to everybody, either you like or dislike sports. You will get the picture of what happened in Yugoslavia and how the war fragmented the best European basketball team in history.

(For Comcast users, this documentary is On ESPN on Demand)

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