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Overall Rating:4.00 based on 71 ratings
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fb626661479 (0)
PixarFan2007 (5)
I thought this was a pretty good sequel to Shrek. Now married, Shrek and Fiona go out to Far Far Away to meet her parents. There's are funny moments as usual.
MommyL (8)
I gave both "Shrek" movies 5 stars, but I like this one just a little better than the original. Antonio Banderas steals the show as Puss in Boots.
southparker9 (0)
A good sequel to a really great movie. At times too many bells and whistles to take away from a good story. Somewhat falls into cliches.
joshua_01 (1)
this movie is funny plus it has good animation and its more entertaining then the first one i cant wait until the third one comes out.
kattwoman (24)
i couldnt wait to see this movie. i took my granddaughter to see it and it was great. the audience never stopped laughing. everyone seemed to really enjoy it. even though donkey was just as funny this time it was puss in boots that stood out.
guitar_chick493 (0)
Better than the first. I'm a teen and im not ashamed to say that!
Chrissy_c_1888 (1)
A very funny film that attracts people and children alike which is quite rare in a film. Just as good as the first one i think.
Mooselover (1)
I really thought all the originality and humor from the original was gone. The story was basicly averege because it just had alot of the old shrek in it but with a Meet The Parents storyline which is very prdictable. The villians and the comical sidekicks are very dull since they have nothing funny to say. The only things funny things they say are coming from the voice actors instead of the script. Even the movie/pop refrences seemed out of place! SEE the original instead!
Maomania (1)
I enjoyed that movie. I preferred the first one but this one ain't too bad either. I don't think it is one of the best movies ever and that it would make that much money. But hey, everyone has a right to his/her taste. It was a good movie.
Cartman117 (0)
LMAO comedy I know this is a great dreamworks hit.
mystic mango (0)
I think this one is better than the first! It's adult humor and funny charectors kept my family laughing to the end!
evenchaya (0)
Just a hint lower than KB vol. 1, but still great! Thanks QT!
Dawnsdinos (6)
Gotta love Shrek.
Seraph (8)
Very funny and enjoyable...I think this is the first time Dreamworks Animation really hit a home run. Antonio Banderas' Puss in Boots is of course the scene-stealer.
uforom (0)
good...but not better than the first one. loved the soundtrack though.
WarGamefan93 (3)
It's Ok. But the first is better. If I had to watch the new movies Spiderman 2 or Shrek 2. I'd pick Spiderman 2
CherrySoda99 (29)
Really good. Funny. Not as good as the first, but the story line was good. Beg for mercy from Puss...in boots.
Molfan (53)
Cute movie. Picks up where the first one stops. Fiona and Shrek are invited to Fiona's parents castle. they are a king and queen of the land far far away. when they get there the parents are dismayed to see Shrek is an ogre and so is fiona. the king wants to put a stop to the marriage and gets the fairy god mother to help out.{she is evil and her son is prince charming} Puss in Boots ends up being friends with Shrek {he is one of the best characters in this movie. Antonio Banderes is great for the voice} there are some funny scenes and a good ending. do not leave the theater when the credit start rolling or you will miss a surprise half way through the credits. good movie not quite as good as the first. well done though.
LlamaLover350 (0)
Shrek and Fiona are back in this hysterical sequel to the amazing first film. Here's the plot: Shrek (voiced by the absolutley wonderful by Mike Myers) and Fiona (Cameron Diaz) get back from their fantasy honeymoon to find that they are invited to meet Fiona's mom and dad, who turn out to be the King and Queen of a hoity-toity kingdom, appropriately named Far Far Away. I'll let you figure out the rest. With genius voices from Myers, Diaz, Eddie Murphy (the irresistible Donkey) and Antonio Banderas (as a gut-busting-funny assasin kitty-cat) and a chuckle every five seconds, this is a summer movie that you MUST see.
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