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Reviews for Genesis  1-3 OF 3

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ClassicTVFan47 (40)
Although you would certaintly think that a biblical book that shares its name with an excellent video gaming console would be quite good, that is sadly not the case. There really isn't anything truly redeeming about this popular Old Testament book. It is here that the rampant sexism that can be found throughout the OT begins here. Of course, the biggest and probably most well-known is that Eve is blamed for the problems and she is punished with the pain of childbirth, while Adam merely has to work for a living. The language of this section also seems to indicate that women are the property of men, which is quite distasteful. There is an exordinate amount of incest in this book, as well as polygamy. Once again, I must stress that the Bible is not a family-friendly creation (or evolution ^_^). For the continuity buffs, here's one: plants were created before the light--but what about photosythesis? There are also an extreme number of geneologies, but strangely enough, a quote later found in the bible is Avoid foolish questions and genealogies. And, there is also quite a bit of violence to be found--including the mass murder of all air-breathing animals by the all-loving God. 0
Gentle Jude (26)
Although it isn't primarily my favourite book, it is a good and interesting book and tells us about creation and the fall of man. Apart from Jesus dieing and creating the new heaven, God did His most spectacular miracle, create the universe and man. One of the things which touched me about the creation was the fact that God took one day to create the rest of the universe which is colossal in size, but took 5 days to create the planet earth. That shows me how important we are to God. Plus Genesis reveals to us how the tribes or Israel were named, what the tribes will go through, is the first book to prophecy about Jesus, and this book has the most well known and righteous people ever to walk the earth eg Abraham, Jacob, Noah. It is an interesting fact that Israel was named after a person (God gave him that name) - Jacob. It also tells us why there are different languages of the world. God confused the tongues because they developed dangerous technology at the tower of Babel. (The part about dangerous technology is just a theory, but all as I know, is that there was something very destructive and even spiritual about that tower.) So to prevent the earth from making really dangerous technology, God separated the world and confused the tongues. 2
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
Great fictional account of the creation, rise and fall of mankind. While a good read, and historically innaccurate, it is amazing that people still actually believe the world was created in seven days. I know all the arguments that a day is as a million years to god and all that, but the creation story just doesn't hold water, and it never explains the origins of the peoples who populated the unknown western hemisphere. If the bible where true,and god was trully worldwide, would there be so many different and irreconcilable differences between worldwide creation myths? I don't think so.2
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