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Republicans Are All A Disgrace to Society

Overall Rating:Average Rating (1.88) based on 25 ratings

This concept seems to go hand in hand with the belief that all Republicans are ignorant.

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luridlloyd (8)
I think Karl Rove wrote this to fire up the base. 4
SZinHonshu (49)
Painfully true. Indeed, many of us have been unable to live up to the standard(s) for excellence embodied on the other side of the spectrum by Ted Kennedy, Al Sharpton and Bill Clinton.6
hotel283 (20)
I'm sure all good Republicans voted for Bush last election. Bush is a retarded puppet who has lied to his people and sent many young men to an early grave. We all knew he was going to do it before it happened and yet millions of Americans voted for him. They have blood on their hands those people, most of whom don't have a relative in the forces who joined as it was the only job available to them. The poor are fighting this war for you so you can continue to drive big cars, live in big houses and pretend that all is right in the world. It's not, America is viewed as a monster the world over and all empires have come to an end. Pity the average American who will be the victim in all of this.5
Drummond (54)
Just a few, like Tom Delay.4
GenghisTheHun (157)
I personally have seen many disgraceful Republicans--a whole bunch of them at a Shriners convention in my fair city. Many of them wound up at Murphy's Strip Bar and Armenian Grill watching the cultural events. On the other hand, a lot of them looked like Teddy Kennedy! 3
CanadaSucks (38)
Stupid, angry, thoughtless listing. . .3
callitdowntheline75 (46)
You know what? Though I respect Jar-Jar Binks for his usually relevant and insightful comments, he goes too far this time in his VERY STUPID commentary labeling all Republicans as a disgrace to society. And so how are they exactly a disgrace, Jar-Jar? Property Rights? Just how, huh? Free expression? If anything, being a citizen of the United States is a priviledge. And with this priviledge comes responsibility, especially with free expression. Anyone has the right to say they disagree, but there is also something called 'Clear and Present Danger' brilliantly concocted by the great Justice (and reknown LIBERAL), Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., which protects us from idiots who falsely-yet-intentionally yell FIRE!!! in an otherwise crowded theatre with limited exits leading to the outside. But let's look at other possibilities as to why all Republicans are a disgrace to society. Hmmm? Are they a disgrace because they believe in a conservative approach to ideas- as opposed to a liberal approach? Are they a disgrace because they believe in what the party stands for (family values, personal responsibilty/accountability, et cetera- of which, by the way, are not exclusive to any individual party)? Are they a disgrace to society because they believe in fiscal responsibilty? If there are any Republicans WHO are truly a disgrace to society, they are those whom are not open-minded enough to see why there are those who might disagree with them. Unfortunately, we also know now there are those WHOM hold a disgraceful view of all Republicans- and are such close-minded in seeing why anyone would disagree with their point of view.4
louiethe20th (64)
The only Republicans that are a disgrace are the seven Republican sellouts. Sens. Mike DeWine of Ohio, Susan Collins of Maine, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island, John McCain of Arizona, John W. Warner of Virginia and Olympia J. Snowe of Maine.2
AndrewScott (74)
Is this misperception exclusive to the Republican Party, or do people paint both parties with too wide a brush? I agree that over-the-top mudslinging is an issue, but I don't think either half of America has any bigger claim to the Most Unfairly Demonized political party crown.3
twinmom101 (32)
No, that would be partisans. Any variety.3
cutegurl (15)
Yep, that's us. You know, we're just the very definition of bad. A whole big bunch of church going suburbian people trying to start civil war, that's us. Give me a break people. There are disgraces to society everywhere in every political party. 1
buryface___inhands (1)
They're attempts to divide the nation are obvious. Sad to say, the dumb redneck side of the republicans don't notice.2
CastleBee (81)
Compared to what? The Dems? ROTFL! Good grief, all politicians have the potential to be a disgrace to society and many have done a fine job of it. But neither party has the franchise. Tricky Dicky and Slick Willy proved that.4
Donovan (110)
I am so ashamed of myself, I never knew this about myself until I saw this list. I just want to hide my face.4
angry girl (2)
Stop trying to make liberals look stupid. Of course republicans aren't a disgrace to society.1
gmanod (3)
Haha, no...well...not most of them anyway2
Mr.Political (20)
Obviously a concept held only by ignorant people who wouldn't know a thing about politics if it came up to them a slaped them upside the head. 0
scarletfeather (39)
No, this is going too far. 2
PzKpfw VI E (26)
More the half of America is Republican. If all of Republicans are a disgrace, does that mean that half of America is disgraceful. Sure, some of them are disgraceful, many politicians in general are, however, no one can say that all are a certain way. No one can say this, well, besides ignorant Democrates. And aren't all Democrats ignorant?2
Jar-Jar Binks (17)
They're a total disgrace. They don't respect private property rights nor do they let you express yourself for who you are. ... Heck, I can't even taunt or stick a finger at my grouchy neighbor without getting censored for it.2
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