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Republicans Are All Misinformed

Overall Rating:Average Rating (2.79) based on 28 ratings

Many who disagree with Republican values probably believe this is the reason Republicans support who/what they support.

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rok100 (4)


Let's not say "misinformed" - let's say THEY'RE VERY GOOD AT PRETENDING  to be misinformed!

"How could we Republicans have possibly known that Karl Rove's chief advisor, Michael Ledeen - working just two doors down from the Oval Office - wrote in praise of Universal Fascism?" (Those of you with valid academic credentials - click here)

"How could we Republicans have possibly known that Daniel Pipes - one of Bush's top foreign policy advisiors - REFERS TO HIMSELF as a fascist?"

"How could we Republican have ever known that Bush said (to Bandar Bush) that he had never had any intention of being an American President, for all Americans - but that he instead intended to be "just the Commander-in-Chief - because history always treats war leaders well"?

"How could we Republicans have possibly known that inter-mingling religion and government might be a really bad idea?"

"How could we Republicans have possibly known that turning over key parts of the government - like the FDA and the treasury - parts of our "common wealth" - to private corporations & special interests might be a really bad idea?"

"How could we Republicans have possibly known that the Founding Fathers actively fought to STOP private ownership of government by taking away private mints, private banking notes printing presses, etc. etc. etc..."


Personally, I don't buy it. As a political movement and a party, they just aren't that naive, nor are they that gullible. It's all just part of the make-believe "let's-pretend" shadow-dance of "the decievers" (the RNC corporate leadership) misleading and manipulating "the believers"! (the RNC rank & file) 

I ALSO don't believe that Donovan has to  pretend  to look-up the definition of the word "fascist" and then only post about 1/10th of it ! Google: *the 14 points of fascism* and you'll see why so many Republicans are willing to embrace the term. (or would you prefer a short 2-minute Flash Animated movie?)

There are Democratic Party fascists too!  Two were DNC candidates for President.

"The McCormack-Dickstein Committee's press release mentioned John W. Davis."



doobiesNhof (26)
Well, of course not but W's starting of the war in Iraq was based on "false intelligence" and he played that excuse for all it was worth. 3
firstsis (1)
When I finally decided to become informed is when I started voting Republican after 25 years of ignorance as a Democrat.6
luridlloyd (8)
Like others I'm not sure what this really means, but if you ask most Republican voters if Sadam Hussien had anything to do with Sept. 11th, I think you'll realize there IS missinformation.3
JohnSpina (18)
This seems to be a conceit of the liberal elite.I do not see either/or being any more informed than the other.1
CanadaSucks (37)
You can't be misinformed about something you have no interest in learning about. . .strange listing. . .5
aWiseguy (72)
...Not this one.6
Donovan (105)
Misinformed? On what, the ideology of democrats? If we disagree with certain issues of Al Gore or Hillary we are misinformed? Well if this is the case then maybe we are a little, but I would rather call it enlightened.4
hotel283 (19)
I agree but only with the current generation of Republicans, the "neocons" and their mindless followers. If I was American I'd probably vote Democrat but I think the Republicans were once a good party with the interest of Americans at heart. Reagan was great, love him or hate him, he got things done goddammit and made America the dominant nation in the world again. The current Republicans are the worst kind of single minded zealots under the control of a handful of greedy men who don't care about America. 6
GenghisTheHun (151)
I learned this early listening to Al Gore speeches.2
abichara (54)
Such characterizations get old after a while. Being a mere pawn gets a little boring, especially after reading the same comments that were cut and pasted from some partisaned source. And hearing rants about it just gets plain irritating. Liberal, conservative, independent, Green, whatever, the interesting differences lie in terms of emphasis and values. Narrow paradigms are too limiting. What do you place importance on in the final analysis? Asking this is the first stepping stone towards developing your thoughts on the issue. 1
cutegurl (15)
Misinformed about what, exactly. There will always be misinformed people regardless of their political party or affiliations but that doesn't mean every Republican is misinformed. Many Republican look at the facts, including myself, and then draw a conclusion. Of course values, morals, and religous beliefs can also come into play, as they should. Morals and religous beliefs are legitamite factors in decision making and if you don't agree with them you don't get to call them misinformed. Morals are based upon what you as a human being see as good or right and decisions and opinions based on these have vilidaty and are legitamite. Just because you don't agree with a statement, regardless of who it's from, don't dismiss it as misinformed, find some facts and argue it.5
twinmom101 (31)
In addition to grad school, this is exactly why I do not visit this site much any more. How long can people go on and on and on about democrats are this and republicans are that?? Don't you all get tired of this us/them mentality?? How about this: go get a good history or political science textbook or several, do some reading and come up with your own opinions. By the way, if this is really in the interest of enlightening anyone, where is the myths about democrats list and myths about independents list?7
blarfo (0)
An ideology informed by sean hannity is not informed.2
Skizero (12)
not all. just the ones who get all their info from Fox News.8
buryface___inhands (1)
Republicans grow up as republicans because their parents do. And they never exactly know why, but they continue to stay that way. It's especially a problem in the south. If they're all different people with different thoughts, why are the votes in texas constantly republican? It's because they're uneducated dumbies, that's why.3
EschewObfuscation (69)
My liberal friends, we all get the same information, sometimes, too much of it. We (republicans) simply interpret it differently and solve problems with different solutions. You see a poor, homeless man as someone who needs money, so you tax everybody and give him some, then he resents it when your charity ends. I see him as a man who needs a job. Look again at the twenty pages of Help Wanted ads in every major city in the US, and tell me there's no place for him to work. 2
Daccory (16)
If we can see the deliberate twisting of facts from this far over the water, I can't see why Republicans don't. By the way, this is not confined just to Republicans! 5
gmanod (3)
I agree with PBeavr almost completely. The politicians on both sides intentionally distort information so as to puzzle their constituents. This is neither a Republican nor Democratic phenomenon. What is peculiar to the Republicans is their willingness to believe every word that their parties officials speak, even if all accessible evidence shows it to be totally false. There is this general unwillingness for Republicans to consult any outside, objective sources of information- more to the point- they refuse to believe anything that doesn't align with there established beliefs while accepting anything that remotely does. They therefore are misinformed because all they know are the RNC talking points. Fox News has only provided another method by which these talking points can be dispersed as evidenced by the incredible misunderstanding most fox news viewers have of the world. I've made this point before and so I won't make it again here, but yes, Republicans are uninformed prisoners of their own devices. Don't get me wrong, Democrats stick to their guns too, but not with the same blindness, There are still Republicans who believe Sadamm Heussein was hiding weapons before the invasion even though Bush himself said that he wasn't!!! Amazing. 4
Mr.Political (21)
Clearly this is not so, or else they would be Democrats! And scarletfeather, how is that so-called propaganda...pumped out by Bush, Rove, and Cheney any different from the lies and slander that the Bush adminstration has to absorb from Ted Kennedy, Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton and Hollywood? 1
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