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Republicans Are All Wealthy

Overall Rating:Average Rating (1.63) based on 19 ratings

Because many Republicans support fisical responsibility which often translates to reforming goverment hand out programs they are painted with the broad brush of being "wealthy."

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firstsis (2)
Not wealthy by any means, but I have to write a check to the IRS every year. I want the Govt. to stop giving away my tax money to people who sit on their butts and live off of others. Isn't that the definition of a parasite???4
bassman44113 (15)
I wish I was wealthy. And none of my republican friends are. Funny though.... I have quite a few very well off very liberal friends, go figure.3
JohnSpina (20)
A lot of repubs are middle class.I do not generalize here.1
Donovan (110)
If this were only true and I could quit working. Maybe next year!5
oscargamblesfro (71)
Not true, Republicans vary as much as any other group.4
sixty7a (3)
I am personally far from wealthy. Most Republicans probally own their home and don't rent and choose to live in decent areas to raise their children but that does not make them wealthy.4
Sundiszno (33)
Let's use a little logic here. Bush won by what, 52 percent of the vote? Does that mean that 52 percent of Americans are wealthy? I think not (and I believe that something like 8 or 10 percent of Americans - maybe less - are considered to be wealthy, even by the Democrats). Clearly, there are plenty of unwashed Americans who consider themselves Republican. 3
The richest of Congressmen are Democrats. 3
angry girl (2)
Believable, but not true. My uncles are proof of that. lol3
gmanod (3)
Surprisingly no. Most Republicans are actually as piss poor as the average Democrat. The major difference is that the wealthy Republicans have convinced the poor that if they support economic policies that keep the money in the hands of the rich, then when they die, penniless, from some easily cured illness because their wealthy brethren overcharged them for medication, they can at least rot easier knowing that they lived a more masculine life and weren't a deadbeat or black.4
Skizero (12)
my folks are republican and i have distinct memories of having to open my piggy bank for us to get a loaf of bread when i was a child. Hard Times hit everyone. Ask Barbra Streisand if she is a republican. she's wealthy3
Jar-Jar Binks (17)
The proof is in the pudding. Every election year, the GOP seems to always outspend Democrats in political campaigns.1
numbah16tdhaha (138)
I wish.4
Djahuti (57)
I know that this is not true,as I have several un-wealthy Republican friends.However, it certainly seems that the current administration caters almost exclusively to the wealthy.3
LanceRoxas (40)
okay someone give me my check!5
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