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Overall Rating:3.37 based on 19 ratings
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(from NBC's press release) In this series written by Greg Garcia, Earl is a low-rent crook who wins the lottery and has an epiphany. He decides to use his limited yet oddly effective intelligence to right all the wrongs he's made in his life -- one by one. Cast: Jason Lee (Add picture)

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conductorns (0)
This show breaks the stereotypical sitcom by creating a new and fresh platform for sitcoms to be based upon. For almost forty years every hit sitcom has been grounded in the same boring routines, but not earl. Earl is fresh and funny and if you haven't seen it check it out and if you have and don't like it quit eating so many prunes

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Blinky (0)
Earl, is a slow moving comedy with occasional funny incidents. I hope it fails and NBC replaces it with something funnier.

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chrystalbelle72 (0)
Earl is funny, and his brother is too. I hope we see more outakes like they did once before at the end of the show. The only thing I don't think is reality is that $100,000.00 he has is going to end soon if he doesn't get a one bedroom or efficency apartment, it would be a lot cheaper to do that. I guess they think country people live like that. I don't know. Anyway, I am from Ohio, but have lived for 6 years in Tennessee. I can deal with the trailer stuff.. because that is real, but the living in a motel? come on... anywho.. I still give it two thumbs up because it makes me laugh pretty hard... and I give it five stars.. I hope they keep it going on.

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SZinHonshu (45)
Iffy so far. I LOVED the film Raising Arizona which was the brainchild of the same pair that laid the groundwork for this series. However, Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter were much better at comedically portraying the working class southern bumpkin set than the cast of this NBC offering. The second episode was better than the first. Hopefully, there will be a continued progression of improvement as the actors become more comfortable/familiar/established with their characters. It should be noted that the Latina who has been pairing around with the brothers is an absolute babe.

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Dajenkiest (0)
I cant wait to see it!

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yoyip2006 (0)
I like Jason Lee but he could be doing something better than this. It might get picked-up for midseason.

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Dawnsdinos (6)
Just doesn't appeal to me.

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