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Overall Rating: 3.20 based on 30 ratings
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irishgit (151)

A Billy Martin stylist, which tends to have a short life span with any team. I think he's run his course with the Sox, and he knows it.

There's a theory I particularly like (Thomas Boswell's if I'm not mistaken) that there are only four types of managers, and that all managers fit, to a greater or lesser degree, within those styles. Boswell named the four types after the early 20th Century skippers who personified and pioneered the styles.

They are: The Peerless Leader - Modelled after Frank Chance. Physically imposing, tendency to be stoic and calm but with periodic spectacular explosions of temper. Not necessarily particularly strong on the intricacies of the game. Joe Torre would be a modern example of the type.

The Tall Tactician - Modelled after Connie Mack. Smart, works the game hard, gets a lot out of his players. Tony LaRussa, Ron Gardenhire.

Little Napoleon - Modelled after John McGraw. Fiery, explosive, looking for an edge everywhere, a classic umpire baiter. Usually small in stature. Lou Piniella, Ozzie Gullen.

Uncle Robbie - Modelled after Wilber Robinson. Funny, story-teller, often heavily overweight. Competence ranges from very high to non-existent. A classic example would be Casey Stengel, but Danny Murtaugh and Don Zimmer would be in this group. The point I'm making with bringing this up here is that the Little Napolean style, while it has produced some brilliant managers with a huge body of success and considerable longevity (McGraw, Weaver for example) now seems dominated by guys who can't stay with the team for very long before they're history. Whether thats a reflection of a change in the game, or the attitude of players, or just the competency of recent models of this managerial style I'm not sure.

As to Guillen, I very much suspect he's now totally lost the room, and he'll take his show down the road somewhere.

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oscargamblesfro (81)
I wonder how much longer he'll last? Guillen deserves credit for bringing in a World Series to a team that hadn't won one since 1917, but I think Guillen is, sort of, another member of the Billy Martin school. In other words, quick results, but the shouting and cantankerous nature means the manager doesn't last. I'd be surprised if they kept him around too long if the team stays around .500, say, past this year .

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Extra25 (0)
Won a world series and says what ever he wants. Others may see this as bad at times but every other fan wishes he was their manager.

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Fornicate69 (0)
Almost made history by blowing 15 game lead.Does not know how to manage team.Worst of all talks like he has crap in his mouth.Typical south sider.

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OneHungryMonster (2)
Hmm... wasn't this team supposed to beat the Twins for the division? And now they're in THIRD place and at about .500? Fire Guillen!

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