Church Of Acts

Church Of Acts
3740 S Dearborn St
Indianapolis ,  IN   46237
United States
Phone: (317) 783-2287
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ArchibaldBaras ol

Church Of Acts 1

The Church of Acts is a cult in the guise of a Christian church. In recent years the pastor has run-off 2 assistant pastors who have refused to be a part of the dictatorship that this church employs. There are no elders, deacons, or board of any kind at this church. The pastor is completely enthralled with financial gain instead of spreading the message of Jesus. This is evidenced by the taking of 2 offerings each service. There is absolutely no accountability at the this place. Any questioning of the pastor will be met with a swift rebuke from one of the two church attack dogs, his wife Britain or Cheri Gable. The rebuke will come in the form of a message that “you should never touch God’s anointed”. This is absurd. Many loving Christian people have left this place over the years once it became obvious that the pastor was a money hungry dictator. I pray for the people who currently attend this church to have their eyes opened and leave. I also pray that the IRS would shut the doors of this corrupt house.

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Church Of Acts 5

If you are looking for a home church, then this is the place! But if 100% Bible teaching, and a tell it like it is church is not your thing, you may not "feel' comfortable here at first. This is one of those churches that require something from you, it's not a just on holidays, or every now and then type of church. But if you do come and get involved and become a part of a church that God is moving in , and doing great things, you will be eager to return again each wednesday and sunday.

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Church Of Acts 5

This is a lively, upbeat church. Their are lots of different programs going on within the church, too. Currently they are building on a Rec ...

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