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ItemImagePrior to being named Monday Night Foodball's sideline reporter, Michele Tafoya was an analyst and sideline reporter for ESPN.

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ANDRE1757 (0)

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gobolts (0)
She's okay. Let's be honest who cares how much a sideline girl knows about football. Michele is still curvy enough to get the job done. Kind of a spunky gal, but not bad.

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disgust4PCness (19)
Did the pathetic producers of MNF finally fire Tafoya? Please tell me Al Michaels is next on the chopping block. Also, Magellan, Madden is a super bowl winning head coach...it doesn't matter what he looks like...he has credentials to be in his position. ------ She is pathetic. I can't imagine her thinking on her own...and she asks annoyingly obvious questions that you know will result in a scripted answer from the coach or player. She is one of the countless female sideline reporters who got their job b/c of absurd network affirmative action policies or favors. Okay, so she follows her scripts really well...sad...very sad. She has buck teeth and wears fluffy pink jackets to make sure that we know she's a chick. Plus, she speaks like she has a mouth full of marbles. Tafoya offers absolutely NO insight on the game...bores me...and (perhaps the only redeeming value for most of the female sideline reporters) isn't good to look at during a game. Along with Al Michaels, she makes MNF nearly impossible to watch. She is nothing more than Lisa Guerrero with a different face. Why do the producers of MNF continue to put us through this crap. They're all the same...except for Suzy Kolber...I think she deserves her spot.

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magellan (178)
I think Michele Tafoya is a pro - competent, knowledgable, professional, and deserves her job. She's not the best looking gal in the world, but neither is John Madden - and I'd say he deserves his job. On a somewhat related topic, Lisa Guerrero is going to be in Playboy in December.

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southparker9 (0)
One more useless sideline reporter. Stop this practice.

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riffraff (0)
Major upgrade over Guerrero (duh!) and easier on the ears than demonstrative, nasally Kolber.

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JSchoon4 (0)
Listen up guy's. All these ladies know their stuff that they are fed before the game It's how they look. C'mon. Do you guy's really think these ladies know what it's like in the trenches? Nope! Michele is not a real looker. I seen Melissa Stark at the Hall of Fame Game with these tight white pants and you could see that tight little thong she was wearing. Now, that's what I'm talking about. My friends and I didn't even care about the game after we saw Melissa wearing a thong.

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ddavenport (0)
She's OK, but not as good as Jill Arrington.

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flyzz_trap (0)
while you guys are discussing tafoya, berstein, and kolber you're leaving out THE best female sideline reporter around -- PAM OLIVER. oliver has been around longer than the other three AND she has done her job better than the other three. admittedly i love tafoya but oliver is the best of them.

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sbumc001 (0)
Michele is OK, but not even close to Suzy Kolber. She is light years ahead of Bernstein.

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OaklandMLB (0)
She is all you could ask for in a sideline reporter. I beileve Suzy Kolber is better, but Tafoya is close behind. I just wish the networks would bring in more women like the ones I mentioned. I am tired of stupid idiotic comments and questions asked by Arrington and Stark.

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JoeNewbee (0)
Michele Is Superb!No Better Interviewer,sharp as a tac,Stunning Goddess and Interesting! :)

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DiamondDavid (0)
Good sideline reporter who knows her stuff. I listened to her interviewed on the Mike & Mike show after the Eagles/Vikings game and was blown away. She knew all the intracacies of that game and football in general, and I thought, No way could Lisa Guerrero discuss football in-depth like this. For the record I find her more attractive than Lisa, who had a snooty attitude. Michele is also more qualified for the MNF gig.

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yo she look good she could get it.

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slickwillie71 (0)
The gold standard for sideline reporting. She may not be the babe Bernstein, Guerrero or Arrington are but isn't too shabby herself. Defines what a sideline reporter is supposed to do: give insight and added info. Loved her at CBS and will be wildly successful on MNF.

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