Saints Of Glory Church Incorporated

Saints Of Glory Church Incorporated
1780 E Banyan Ave
Anaheim ,  CA   92805-1603
United States
Phone: (714) 287-9511
Added on 01/31/2005
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Saints Of Glory Church Incorporated 5

They are one of the few Churches that preach the TRUTH!!!! Nobody preach the TRUE GOSPEL OF GOD ANYMORE!
They will never force you to tithe. They only tell you the truth which are in the scripture.
Love of money is the root of all evil.
They are using the scripture to warn Christians and it is the truth.
They are the people who follow God's voice and ONLY listen to God when Luke warm now days listen to voice of demons or themselves.
I do not go to their church right now but I still watch their DVDS, and listen to their tapes.
The bible says "Do Not Touch The Anointed"
People who judge them will be watching as they go up in the rapture with Jesus.

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Saints Of Glory Church Incorporated 1

SAINTS OF GLORY CHURCH is very deceiving because they use a lot of bible scriptures to back up their own theology. I was hooked for many years - it starts out always nice, but once you get deep into it, they will try to involve your finance. If you know no other Christian churches or do not understand English, you will be easily deceived. Watch out if you are in Asian markets. They basically have distinguished same looks: extremely short hairs (Mr. Spock style - male or female), giving you a pink tract and trying to witness to you. It's like wolves in sheep clothes. RUN FAST if you see them! And a famous quote by M. Gowans : "we are the only church who speaks the truth; if you go to other churches, you will become a backslider!"

NEWS! This church has been listed as one of dangerous religious organizations in Japan since 2008 and had a big law suite in 2009:

In 2009 there was a famous law suit against Saints of Glory Tokyo Division for taking all assets from one of the members, and the superior court actually ordered the organization to pay her back 78 million yen ($780,000). You will find news articles of this case in Japanese if you do some search.

If you join the organization however, you will be gradually 'required' to have Mr. Spock type stylish short hair, buy Mary Kay cosmetics products from the pastor, pay and hang the pastor's picture/poster on your wall, donate your own house, etc, etc. They wanted our house, so we left the church. Geez - we should've left long time ago!

Also, be careful, they have a school division - poor children who are brain-washed & poor parents who cannot get out because of the kids.

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Saints Of Glory Church Incorporated 1

its an occult, the new trend is to kick their kids out of their lives.
they take all ur money, and everyone fukin person has a picture of the pastor in their homes, its like a fukin shrine.

they ruin lives

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