Alice Kramden (Honeymooners)

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The character of Alice Kramden, played to perfection by Audrey Meadows, is a role model that best demonstrates what it means to really love someone. She was better than Ralph deserved and he knew it. Though at times she could be critical and experienced a great deal of frustration trying to talk some sense into him, she was always at his side because we knew that no matter what happened, she loved him and would stand by him. Their arguments had a sense of realism, and Alice could hold her own with intelligent and accurate predictions that sooner or later proved her to be correct. Whether Ralph was king of the castle or chef of the future, music show contestant or jealous husband, Alice would see through his flaws, knowing that underneath all the bravado and machismo lay the heart of a sweet man, a little boy in a bus driver's uniform, who had unrealized dreams of making a better life for them. Alice is a role model for unconditional love and any guy who has an Alice Kramden in his life has all the wealth a man could ask for......... and Ralph knew it, too.

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