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Final Fantasy VI (SNES [FFIII US], PSX [Anthology])Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 4.67 based on 12 ratings
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Reviews for Final Fantasy VI (SNES [FFIII US], PSX [Anthology])  1-6 OF 6

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Dbuke (0)
best, with ff7 and suikoden 2 following VERY closely behind, then a tiny lag and star ocean 2
pcook930 (0)
Best music, best story, best characters, great graphics for its time. Nothing beats it -- Many will agree with me on the WOB, but then claim that all falls apart in the WOR. I disagree. Sure, the WOR is bittersweet and non-linear, but it's a perfect counterpart to the first half of the game.
RPGed (0)
Great story with multiple characters you can feel for. Worth a playthrough.
Chrono (0)
This in my opinion is by far the best game in the Final Fantasy series,in terms of music and story.After this game the series started to fall.
wonggfan (0)
This is the blueprint for all RPGS. Perfect balance between old school and new school. After this game FF series suffered from eye-candy mainstream appeal and cliche storyline. FF7 was good but since then everything fell down. Youngins' these days think FFX-2 is good but it is garbage.
Atmospherical (0)
This game has the unique feature of following no single hero. there's something like 12 main characters all with their unique stories and themes and abilities. A beautiful story and quite decent gameplay.
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