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Original Nintendo Dragon Warrior Pre-Played - NES (VideoGameCentral.Com)$24.99
Dragon Warrior (Stone Age Gamer)$5.99
Original Nintendo Dragon Warrior 4 Pre-Played - NES (VideoGameCentral.Com)$49.99
Original Nintendo Dragon Warrior 2 Pre-Played - NES (VideoGameCentral.Com)$34.99
Original Nintendo Double Dragon Pre-Played - NES (VideoGameCentral.Com)$24.99

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Overall Rating: 4.60 based on 5 ratings
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Freshbrood (0)
Way WAY ahead of its time. Hands down the best. All these new games are so hyped up on graphics, but lack ingenuity and creativity. This certainly did not!
xavjr712 (0)
The very first (and my personal favorite) RPG EVER!!!
Normdogg (0)
The first game ever released on a console, and a great game at that.
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