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Overall Rating:2.71 based on 7 ratings
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"This is your brain on drugs", incoherent ramblings, confused expression, can barely tie own shoes without Sharon's help. (Add picture)

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numbah16tdhaha (162)
*mumbles incoherently for a minute* Sharon!

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edt4 (116)
I've always said-- Forget DARE, forget the TV commercials with frying eggs and "This is your brain on drugs"-- watch a few episodes of "The Osbournes" and chances are good you'll never take another drug as long as you live. Or a drink. Or pick up a musical instrument.

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texasyankee (22)
I believe that he is suffering a lot now due to the choices he made earlier in life, but in my mind, Ozzy is a loving father, and husband. I think one day he woke up and realized what he was taking for granted. I can't say he is a train wreck now, no matter what condition his body's in.

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kattwoman (25)
though i find him amusing and lovable he is a good example as to why you shouldnt do drugs

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CastleBee (89)
Poor old Ozzy - he makes me sad. He looks like he was run over by the same Mac truck that hit Keith Richards. The fact that either of them has survived this long is proof of miracles and/or divine intervention.

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