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Heidi BresslerGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:2.73 based on 22 ratings
ItemImageHeidi Bressler earned her Master's from the American University in Washington, D.C. and worked for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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Jason Curis
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tnt (0)
I love Heidi! Her cursing really gets on my nerves, however, but that's about the only negative thing I have to say. The best part about her is that she definitely wouldn't put up with any of Omarosa's crap. The other thing was the situation with her mother. I know that must have been real tough on her, but Heidi's courage to her teammates wouldn't let her down. Katrina said it best, "Omarosa got a bump on her head and made a drama series out of it; whereas Heidi found out her mom got cancer and was so incredibly classy." You go, Heidi!

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Rectoractor (0)
The conniving and fire of Heidi really stood out. She was a strong lady who was put through a lot. Despite her negitivity, she was one of my favorites on the show.

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Maomania (1)
She was fun to watch and she has a heart of gold. She was not the best leader and definately not the Apprentice. Her cussing was annoying and so were her fights with Omarosa. I like her though.

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mikeholly93 (8)
Another ugly Wolverine-Count Dracula hybrid!

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opinion585 (0)
This girl was a bitch, but i like that about her, she told omarosa's whining ass off so many times! She was cool.

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ProgrammerRingo (16)
Heidi was my favorite. She reminded me of a person with whom I had graduated high school (their outgoing, no-holding-back personalities are very similar). I was so sorry to see Heidi go. She was really cool. She would have given Bill a run for his money if she had been one of the final contestants.

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marcm9999 (0)
I know ladies like her. A good account manager type.

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