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Overall Rating:3.98 based on 45 ratings
ItemImageRaised in Arlington, Texas, Amy Henry graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M; and earned her MBA as TCU where she finished at the top of her class.

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Bill Rancic
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Rectoractor (0)
She was ALWAYS on the winning team but her cockiness got to her.

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tnt (0)
Out of all the women on the Apprentice,Amy was the absolute best, hands down. I would put Kendra in second because she was in the boardroom 2 times. I would have given Amy 5 stars,but she did choke on her interviews. I could strangle those jerks who called her a Stepford wife. That was so totally evil of those jerks! Despite that, Carolyn said it best when she said that Amy really proved herself during those long weeks. If Bill,Kwame and Troy were the stars for the men, Amy was the star for the women.

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jetliii (0)
She's fabulous.

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Maomania (1)
The smartest woman on the show. She had great ideas and I liked her a lot. I thought that her and Bill would fight it out. But unfortunately her interview did not go well.

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mikeholly93 (8)

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imlynn68 (0)
I thought Amy got robbed.

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Cindyo (10)
She won almost every time, but because of that gained too much confidence in herself where she became cocky. Too bad she didn't do well during the interviews.

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scraig4195 (0)
There is one thing that I rate her performance on - the very FIRST opportunity she had to be project manager she had to decide whether or not to approach the CEO of Marquis Jet in regards to the advertisement. Leaders talk to the guy at the top who makes the decision. She was the first one to talk to him and that's why she won. Every time she was faced with that type of decision she took the same route, thus the reason she has been successful and will continue to be. Trump made a bad choice... again!!

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marcm9999 (0)
I thought that she was better than this rating, but when I looked at the reruns it just wasn't there for me. She did horribly during the interviews. Has spent way too much time in the dot com world.

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victorious000 (0)
All you had to do was watch the attitudes people had in every episode of the show. Amy had a great attitude in all the shows, and showed leadership and innovation, as well as being able to be a team player. So she got a little cocky and too self assured toward the end. Every one has faults. Was that enough to keekp her from winning? The old fossils that interviewed her have been in that moldy tin can of theirs since the 60's. They had blinders on, and obviously didn't have a chance to view her entire performance throughout the weeks. Trump believed in her, so why he didn't take their opinion, add his own, and George and Carolyn's, and hire her? She had already proven herself many times over. I was disappointed in Trump that he didn't follow through and hire her after all she had gone through and excelled at. Wonder what the REAL reason he didn't hire her was?

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nickkicksass (0)
Amy. Well, let's see. I do think she is good. She was very good in the show, won almost every time, good leader, but near the end, she became very cocky. She made horrible mistakes as PM in the Taj Mahal episode. I think she just sat way too far in the background. A bit too hyped. I do think she is a bit like a Stepford wife. I thought she had very empty answers, and she is a hypocrite for accusing Katrina of using too much sex, when she used just as much, if not more! I had to give her a 4 for her good leadership qualities though. I really don't like her, I am glad she didn't win, but she was still good on the show.

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mrkiii (0)
Let's see-- has an MBA, was on the winning team every time but one, had Trump's respect, walked into the Final Four boardroom on the winning side... and is an airhead and a Stepford wife because a bunch of shriveled strangers didn't think she interviewed well? Thumbs way, way down for that whole turn in the show.

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