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Overall Rating:2.71 based on 14 ratings
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ItemImageBased in San Antonio, Texas, Clear Channel Communications operates numerous radio and television stations in the United States, as well as outdoor billboards and live entertainment programming.

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X Factor Z (17)
My gosh people pick on them because they are based in San Antonio, I swear! OK, maybe too monopolistic as far as radio station ownership, but the worst thing now that threatens commercial radio, only AM, is the terrible interference caused by Mexican radio stations which can even interfere with local, yes local stations. So it doesn't seem to matter what Clear Channel, or anybody, does on the AM front.

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simon3gs (0)
i think judith is a great artist with a ton of class and beauty to match. clear channel deserves a -star for their programming and for denying people like me from hearing great artists like this.


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jmitchell (0)
payola whore, thats all i can say about this company. if your independent, they steal your music and sell it to some crack head like yung joc and will NEVER play your music.. case in point: E 93 and 94.1 The Beat in Savannah,Ga The worst radio in history! Boycott

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digitalmaxx (0)
As much as people complain about this company, the best radio stations we have in our area are run by these people. They are the holder of the #1 station in this area. All the other stations suck and play the same 12 songs over and over and over.

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CanadaSucks (50)
Too powerful. Involved in too much censorship.

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Djahuti (57)
Creepy and Orwellian control freaks.This is the type of Corporation Tom Petty probably had in mind when he wrote the song Last D.J.

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MariusQelDroma (37)
I can control my listening habits just fine without you sticking your two cents worth into it. It's called the On/Off button. And if you're soooo concerned with FCC fines and stuff, why did you get into radio in the first place? Not everyone that broadcasts is gonna be squeeky clean, so get over it. Let the public decide what they want to listen to instead of being Big Brother's lackey.

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