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Overall Rating: 2.40 based on 20 ratings
French philosopher whose books introduced deconstruction, a strategy of analysis applied to literature, linguistics, philosophy, law, and architecture. (Add picture)

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James Madison
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Underspin (24)
Father of post-structuralism, the belief in the inadequacy of language itself. Every text undermines it's own claims and thus, must be deconstructed, picked apart, analyzed and re-analyzed again. Intellectual masterbation not worthy of reading if stranded alone on a desert island. Like pulling teeth from the grave...but worse...I recomend him for Foucault types only.

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drlaws (0)
Was trying to comprehend his books with no luck. Yet I understand pretty much every other philosopher. How could this be? Recently saw the movie "Derrida." Now I understand the problem. He is superficial and full of crap. He doesn't want to make sense, and he succeeds. I now tell anyone who fits this description that he/she is "full of Derrida"!!!! A term I believe we should all adopt!

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gicau (0)
Prof. MacDonald quoting the French-Jewish "deconstructionist" Jacques Derrida wrote: "The idea behind deconstruction is to deconstruct the workings of strong nation-states with powerful immigration policies, to deconstruct the rhetoric of nationalism, the politics of place, the metaphysics of native land and native tongue... The idea is to disarm the bombs... of identitiy that nation-states build to defend themselves against the stranger, against Jews and Arabs and immigrants... " While looking at Derridas books only the following became obvious. I have found Derrida badly criticises all non-jewish Philosophers while supporting all Jewish ones no matter how much thir opinions clash. While criticising others he refuses to make known his own opinion on certain subjects.

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