Infinite Energy Inc

Infinite Energy Inc
1862 Independence Sq
Atlanta ,  GA   30338
United States
Phone: (770) 379-9963
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Infinite Energy Inc 1

They eagerly gave me an account number and took my $150 dollar deposit to start service (before the move-in date for my apartment) They billed my landlord (equity apartments) instead of me for the first week of gas usage, and i was assessed a $50 fee by the landlord because of this mistake. I spent a few hours with their customer service, on hold, while they decided it was not worthwhile to contact my landlord or send me a letter allowing for this mistake to be corrected. (Sarah, the supervisor at infinite energy's customer service dept, told me that even though I had an account number and had paid them $150, that i did not "officially" have an account with them until a week or more later). I am very unsatisfied . Their customer service dept (Sarah especially) is a failure. Its been another month, and I still haven't gotten a bill from them. What other surprise fees do I have waiting for me? Avoid this company at all costs.

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Infinite Energy Inc 5

I locked into a 3 year rate with Infinite in October 2006 for 99 cents! I have not seen a rate that low since 2005. I am thrilled with the money that I will save over the next 2 1/2 years. As for the company, they offer free recurring payments, so when my bill comes, I review it and wait for the payment to be charged to my credit card.

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Infinite Energy Inc 2

I was an existing customer of Infinite Energy from my prior home. When I moved to my new house, I decided to stay with them. During the initial setup, the customer service rep was very nice and talked me into a 3 year contract. Infinite energy then sent us a bill to our old address for our old service AFTER we had moved. We called in telling them that they needed to transfer service but said that the new owners had already contacted them and were going to have their service set up in two weeks. We asked them to cancel our service with them and they said that it would take longer to send a tech and turn off the gas than to just wait. They continued to bill us $200 worth of gas after we had already left. If I wasn't in a three year contract with them, I'd cancel this second, but they already have me sucked in....

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