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Stronger then Bush or Frist!

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abichara (62)
This is a very damaging perception, especially during an election year driven by national security. For better or worse, the tag of a flip flopper has been effective--the implication the Republicans are throwing at Kerry is that by being indecisive and wishy-washy, you're not being manly enough. They're very good at those kinds of psychological tactics. It doesn't help that outside of his experience in Vietnam he hasn't had many opportunities to demonstrate his leadership talents. The Senate is a deliberative body; if you're into the legislative detail of the job, you don't get heard. The person who can get the attention of the TV cameras gets noticed. While Kerry is more distinguished than other members, he isn't necessarily one of the show-horses of the group, thus his leadership abilities haven't been tested. The Senate isn't exactly the place for decisive action. I personally think it's all perception that Kerry's weak. Thoughtful responses to complex questions to some might not equate with strength, but like I said with Bush's leadership qualities, sometimes bravado causes a President to take in more than he can chew--witness Iraq.

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gmanod (3)
The only way to accomplish this would be to point to other instances where Kerry had a position of leadership: the military and the Senate. The latter would be pointless because it's a legislative position not an executive and the fact that Kerry's still there means that most of his constituents feel as though he accurately represented them. They can try to snipe at his military record by using 527s. While they have already started this (Swift Boat Veterans For Truth) it requires trashing a multiple medal recieving veteran, something that is not only difficult, but looks really bad. Furthermore any attacks against Kerry's military record will only make people begin to compare his to Bush's. Bush didn't show up for air guard duty during the war; I think it will certainly be a mistake for Bush to start a comparison of service records. The only other way they can assault Kerry is simply because he is untried for executive power. This would be extremely difficult thought, because he has a ton more experience in Federal government affairs then Bush when he came into office.

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BeatlesfanSteveo (4)
He is most definitly not a strong enoough leader. He was certainly not strong enough to throw his own metals over the white house gate. He is a plain old liar and a flat out idiot. He also murdered innocent vietnames people, thats just low.

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EschewObfuscation (63)
He absolutely is not a strong leader, he has no executive leadership experience. He's a Senator, you don't learn those skills in the Senate. You learn to nuance and compromise and make deals and shield your buddies from scrutiny because they can shield you from scrutiny later. This is exactly where Hillary belongs, scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Nobody needs to know. Leadership skills? Not valued here.

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Opie Onion (0)
We can't be sure of what Kerry will deliver, but we can be sure of what Bush can...incompetence. Bush is a guy who told us we were going after WMB's and that Iraq supported Al Quaida. It turns out none of that is true, so they CHANGE the story and say we went to liberate Iraq. All he really did was add fuel to the terrorists fire. If a businessman had made a mistake of that magnitude, and afterward you discover HE didn't do his homework, he'd be fired in a minute. And that's what Americans need to do this November...fire the incompetent man. All he's skilled at is putting a spin on his problems.

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jaywilton (26)
He is in favor of Al Sharpton speaking at the Democratic Convention. This means that he agrees with Sharpton and/or is afraid of him.Sharpton's choices-for his participation in the Tawana Brawley hoax and the Crown Heights riot should be limited to speaking engagements at either Attica or Rikers Island.

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jgls (12)
so far has exhibited the strength of a wet paper towel. while i honor his service in vietnam, i am much more concerned about what he will do as president; so far the only part of his message that i comprehend is that he thinks that president bush has not done a good job. he has failed to articulate his vision, and my gut tells me that if he were to be elected president, osama bin laden would be dancing in the streets.

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Beloved (21)
Kerry and strength are on opposite sides of the spectrum as you can see that he is an indecisive butt-kisser, that agrees with whoever seems most dominant at the moment.

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jamestkirk (23)
Kerry is hurting himself currently as a candidate by not defining himself on many issues. This makes him appear indecisive. He mostly criticizes the President and chooses minor issues like the President's military service record. At a time of war, who cares? There are so many other important issues. Kerry would serve himself well by talking more about his vision for this country and less time spent on criticizing the President in general.

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magellan (160)
This could be an effective tactic. Love him or hate him, Bush is a strong leader. With Kerry, we just don't know. All signs point to him being an independent, and even arrogant, thinker - but the point is, it's a big unknown as to how he will respond as President.

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