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Overall Rating: 3.34 based on 62 ratings
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acurleegirlee (14)
I am a huge fan of reality television shows that are silly and just entertaining, but the Swan took it way too far. This show proved how superficial and vain people are, and showed the fact that in order to be happy, women had to look a certain way. I'm all for makeover shows such as What Not to Wear or even when they had Extreme Makeover, but this was ridiculous. The fact that all these women had intense plastic surgeries, and most were not deformed or had serious medical problems, is sick. Even sicker was that they competed in a beauty pageant in the end. This sheds a bad light on beauty pageants as well, showing a certain look and "perfect" image as what is "beautiful." Not a good one, not a good one at all.

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James76255 (26)
One of the worst shows on television. The fact that somebody even thought this was a good idea is sad.

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deegeedg (0)

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iluvmattstajan14 (0)
It is disgusting and degrating and it just goes to show you what a sick and twisted world we are living in, if we get pleaseure from other people's pain. It's pretty obvious out world is screwed up when women feel that they have to look perfect to be accepted. It's absolutely sickening

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Judysue (0)
The contestants all looked the same after a while.

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LadyShark4534 (12)
Plastic surgery for the most part is pointless. If you want to improve your appearance, There is something called make-up as well as eating good food and getting enough sleep as well as using a good shampoo. Cosmetic surgery should be reserved for severe craniofacial anomalies only!

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kolby1973 (33)
If the producers behind the show were sincerely doing this to these women to help out their self esteem, then it might be a decent show. But of course we know it is all about the money. The show is very repulsive...

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ClassicTVFan47 (38)
Another extremely offensive concept. What will this teach the young women in today's society? That if you don't look exactly like your man wants you too...get your body cut up in a potentially-dangerous procedure? HOW NAUSEATING! This is dangerous for self-esteem and confidence. Women should not be judged on appearance alone...but on their personality, manners, morals, accomplishments, and more!

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ladydi5995 (0)
Its nice to see someones self esteem raise just because of a lil plastic surgery.. but it is showing the world.. u have enuf money??? you could like like this.

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dmillers (0)
When will we see a reality show that promotes and encourages an improvement of quality character rather than the change of appearances? It is my opionion that the Swan contributes to a society that places more emphasis on physical appearance than on what in reality should be emphasised -- CHARACTER!

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kuppie21 (1)
I think this is a great idea for a show, what a way to boost your self esteem. I would do it minuse the surgery, looks to painfull.

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