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Overall Rating: 4.05 based on 20 ratings
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TeresaG (28)
I have never tried ANYTHING, nor have heard of it, nor have any desire. Unfortunately, with the name comes the prices, when all along that Jenos $0.99 pizza is just as good.

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Polina (1)
Judging by some of those comments the range has come on a bit over the last few years or maybe those foods mentioned are not available in UK yet. Typical! I remember the deep country pies as being very tasty and filling and this is a reminder to me to get some more soon as well as see if those more exotic things are to be found. Linda certainly helped those eating meatless diets to find tasty alternatives (although there are now many similar products around - including quorn). I am sure Linda made a fortune from her foods and I hope she donated a lot of it to animal welfare. They certainly need it.

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madewithfreshcream (0)
well i dont know what the hell they have done to the deep country pies!!!
more like shallow river now... they used to be so nice and full and thick and dark and rich,
now its filled with watered down onion gravy!
otherwise i love her brand of food.

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jamered (0)
I've tried a half dozen different meals and all were very, very good. They are better than any other veggie brands I have tried.

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hungrygirl (0)
Linda McCartney has always had my favorite frozen macaroni and cheese, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find this product. What is happening? Where are the best places to buy this? Amy's and others don't compare with the quality and taste.

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lucrezinca (0)
love the flame grilled burgers, shepards pie and sausages, actually all ive tried. funny is i couldnt believe its not meat. Lucy UK

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BonnyB (0)
I had the spinach/mushroom pizza last night. I thought it was excellant! Crust was good, you could taste the different cheeses, pizza wasn't greasy...and it didn't have that frozen meal taste! The mushrooms were in the middle, but so what? It's a small little pizza. Hey, they should make a family size!

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lindafood (0)
I tried two kinds of Linda McCartney frozen pizzas and found they were terrible. Both the Artichoke kind and the Mushroom one were full of garlic and overall were just really yucky. Also, when you open the box, the toppings are all in a mound in the center and you have to try to peal them off, so the center will cook.

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dalee (0)
Fire Grilled Vegetarian Chicken and Vegetables is the best frozen dinner ever. Unfortunately it is hard to find as Whole Foods in Austin doesn't seem to have it.

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Victoria Higgins (0)
If you really care about expanding the Linda McCartney ood market, it would be nice if you had a distributor in Florida, so that we could have access to the products! Tree of Life is supposed to be the distributor. However, they don't seem to respond to any orders made on the consumers' behave (like...Richard's Whole Foods, for instance). Will it take an act of Congress to get the products in the Tampa Bay area of Florida?!!!!!

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starstudded (0)
I've only ever had the spicy peanut pasta with vegetarian chicken, but mmmmm... is it good!

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
holmeswatson (0)
Large quantities of great food! A no-miss selection for dinner. I use them for parties... especially the sausage rolls. They are surprisingly inexpensive as well.

  (3 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Steve and Sheryll (0)
Would prefer all products to be eggless. When is a Franchise coming to New Zealand?

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Isismagnolia (0)
Have only had two dishes: Mexican Enchiladas and Butternut squash ravioli. Enchiladas were AMAZINGLY good!! Raviolis were kinda so-so...mostly because I cannot stand mushrooms and there were a ton in the sauce!!

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
PTRoxieMisha (3)
The BEST frozen 100% vegetarian meals on the market. I am glad they are finally available here in the USA. (For a while they were only available in the United Kingdom.)

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