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Marie Osmond DollsGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:2.63 based on 8 ratings
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Reviews for Marie Osmond Dolls  1-7 OF 7

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rjy (1)
Ugly and expensive!
kattwoman (24)
i think the dolls are beautiful. i also think whether its marie osmond or your neighbor,your child or your clerk at 7-11 that if they want to choose to do something they enjoy or not and make money from it good for them . you have the right not to buy and those that it bothers them she makes money from it well step up to the plate and create your own doll line but you do it for free. i just dont understand why just because shes marie osmond she shouldnt be able make dolls and sell them. is there something written somewhere that says who should make money from making dolls and who shouldnt or is it that you believe dollmaking should be outlawed all together. im sorry i just think there are alot of more important issues in this world to be dealt with than caring that marie osmond makes money from her dolls. and unless youve met them and can say without a doubt you dont like them its a little slightly unreasonable to think they should just lay down and die just cuz their type of talent isnt to your liking . i dont like alot of things but im a strong enough person i dont feel i have to eliminate what i dont understand .if the world consisted of only what certain people liked how would you know you liked it.
PTRoxieMisha (3)
The dolls are rather nice, my mom has a few of them on her dresser. Don't think it's a desperate way to make bucks.
inertiakiss (0)
desperate for cash, my opinion of her has eased up a little.
LadyShark4534 (12)
Just another way of Marie pimping out her fame to get the cash rolling in.
dianadiazdeleondolls (0)
I love Marie and her dolls !!! And I feel very sorry for Castlebee she sounds very angry and bitter. Thats too bad people have to so ugly for no reason. Osmond fan
CastleBee (80)
Considering the fact that I've spent the last 30 years secretly wanting to smack Marie Osmond's teeth down her throat (for no good reason other than the fact that she annoys me)... no, I don't think I'll ever be one of her customers. Besides, just how collectible can these goofy things be when there are so blasted many of them. Tacky times 10.
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