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Operation Barbarossa
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1. PzKpfw_VI_E , on 4/1/2004 3:03:00 PM, said:

Even though it was really the only decision Hitler could have possible made, considering his ideologies, his future planning of the operation was not terrible. His lack of respect for Soviet industrial power and resolve was a big problem. The fact that he went into the Soviet Union with a complete lack of planning for the future added to his ignorance. Barbarossa relied of the fact that Moscow was captured by the end of 1941. Hitler planned only with this in mind; he really had no back up plans and gave the people in the occupied territories good reasons to become Partisans with the way he treated them. Hitler put everything in this one action and he paid for it. 25 million Soviets also paid for it. Hitler and Stalin’s lack of planning for the future warfare of their two countries were some of the great blunders in warfare history. Hitler’s error lost him his empire and Stalin’s error lost him 25 million people.
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2. BugahaNE , on 4/1/2004 12:31:00 AM, said:

Definately Hitlers' biggest blunder. Even at the start of the invasion, he made a huge mistake. At first the Ukrainians, Georgians and others welcomed the Nazis, hoping to get out from under Soviet tyranny. If Germany had acted as liberaters, they might have had the support of many of the Russian people and had a better chance of winning, but with the Nazis' racist mindset, they were more savage than the Soviets had ever been and were in for a long bloody war they had no chance to win.
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Operation Barbarossa: Showing comments 1-2 of 2
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