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09/09/2011 4

This site assists customers in gathering travel information, posting reviews and opinions of travel-related content and engaging in interactive travel forums. I have personally found very good information while travelling to places.

Website services are free to users, who provide most of the content. Although TripAdvisor has been criticized for allowing reviews to be posted by anyone about any hotel, without the need for supporting evidence. A group of hospitality operators considered taking TripAdvisor to court over unfounded and unedited reviews posted by the website’s visitors.

But it is a great travel search engine. I think it can be a real pain to find appropriate hotels, Trip Advisor has made it so much easier!

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08/04/2010 4

The lady and the tramp (me) use this website before we put down our hard-earned cash on a hotel. . .the farther we go the more we investigate. . .

For the most part, trip advisor is a solid source of information on a hotel. . .it can provide great details. (One hotel in a tropical area had too many mosquitoes - and I went somewhere else and remained unbitten). . .

There are two little quibbles - the website is busy, distracting, and full of ads (heck, it is a travel site) and that can make the search a little more hard than it has to be. The second quibble is no fault of the website - the varying intelligence and strangeness of some of the reviewers. What means nothing to one traveler could mean a negative review to another.

Still, I use it to satisfactory results. ..

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