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Andruw JonesGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:3.22 based on 9 ratings
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Bimbo1211 (0)
He's a great fielder...has a pretty darn good arm...and can swing the bat pretty good..he already has like 8 gold gloves and has hit more than 350 homeruns and he's only 29.If he keeps going like this he will be rembered as one of baseball's all time greats

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oscargamblesfro (75)
Phenomenal fielder, and has steadily improved with the bat, hitting 50 homers last year. And keep in mind he's still just 28, so barring injuries, we should see many more fine years.

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bluetarbaby (8)
A lot of people despise him because of the smart ass look he wears on that mugg, and because his easy attitude makes it look like he isn't trying. But trust me, he is AWESOME. As much as people disregard my opinions on this site, please trust that I know baseball. I was the mvp of my all star team at 11 on the 12! year old allstars - long story. Just trust me, I know baseball. The reason you don't see him in the highlights as much as Hunter, Edmonds, etc, is because .............HE NEVER HAS TO DIVE! He's always right where he needs to be. That, or he gets a jump on the ball almost before the batter swings. If he were out of position, he'd have more highlights in center than MJ in the lane. And hell, don't take my word for it, just listen to Mays. Most people say Willie is the best. Well, in Willie's words, I've NEVER seen somebody dominate in the outfiled like the kid for the Braves, Jones. Andruw is the main reason , aside from the pitchers themselves, for the low era by most Brave pitchers. In the words of Maddux, Andruw saves me 2 runs a game. Again, you don't see as many highlights as you do from other outfielders out of Andruw, BECAUSE HE RARELY DIVES or JUMPS..................he's camped under that thing like a boy scout is under the moon. And hey, if Mays says he's the greatest..................that's proof enough for me. Who knows center better than Mays? UPDATE: I'm not "attacking"......."anybody", but """don't trust his arm""""?! Dude, Jones is among the leaders in outfield assist every year! His arm is possibly the best in baseball. I've senn him gun out far too many runners to count on those perfect one hoppers he throws. Some say he has the BEST arm. "Don't trust it?" On arms I have to go with Guerrero or Francouer, but in any case, Jones has a cannon. Everybody knows that. He's got a laser. No bias...........I've probably literally seen him throw out 90% of the NL at the plate,. I watch Atlanta all year every year, and believe me, whethger I liked ATL or not, Jones has a 12 gauge attached to his shoulder. I feel silly even pointing this out.........it's a pretty well known fact that if you hit a laser to center, the runner usually remains at third against ATL. Again, I'm not being bias, everybody knows this who watches highlight shows or ATL games.

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irishgit (129)
Very slick fielder, although I'm not sure I fully trust his arm, but a pretty streaky and erratic hitter. I want t see more of his career before I go higher than three stars.

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JBsme (0)
Has made so many great plays that we expect them instead of appreciate them. If his bat continues to produce, he will be remembered as one of the very best.

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