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Camile Velasco (finalist)Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 3.44 based on 105 ratings
ItemImageCamile Velasco (finalist): QUICK FACTS Age: 18 Hometown: Haiku, Maui Audition City: Hawaii First Concert: Ricky Martin Last Concert: 50 Cent & Fabolous SONG LIST "One Last Cry"

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osepesp (0)
her voice is one of the kind. she has this certain kind of aura who could be a future super singing star! she has the looks, the charismatic appeal. aside from the fact that she is sooooo likeable i love her voice, love her as a perfomer, love her as a person.
Yan_ph (0)
hey guys camile is a great talent.im so proud to have my fellow filipino out there making waves.anybody who can send me a camile velasco CD for free because it is not available in out country,Phils.?plss...email me so that i can send you my address [email protected]
atek (0)
She sings with her heart on her face & voice. Once i heard her voice, i cant seem to stop hearing it over & over again. I like her version on Desperado.
feist (0)
She is phantastic singer!!and she is really cute..:)
josiats_2000 (0)
Camile is the best singer among other finalists from the entie season.. I love Camile
??? (0)
SHE IS GREAT!!!!..and..I just wanna know if she already has a CD..please..I am not from USA..so I dont know it...can somebody tell me??please..:)
DCgal (0)
Camile has improved a lot since the show! I watched her in concert and what can I say, her voice and tone absolutely blew me away...Camile's voice sounds AMAZING in person, very different than on tv. My eyes were glued to her the whole time because she was the most fun to watch on stage, the girl danced her behind off. Oh, and if you haven't heard the AI3 Soul Classics cd, you should listen to it because her recording voice is awesome. Camile is currently signed to Universal/Motown Records so even the bigtime record execs see the potential in her...not to mention she writes her own songs!
Lexia (0)
My gosh, was she cute! Her voice needed training and with a little time I think she could have gotten a deal and been something in this industry. Love her!
Maomania (1)
She had a nice voice, but she did not know how to use it. Camille was way too nervoes and that is what got her kicked off the show. But I understand what the judges saw in her, she just did not live up to their expectations.
semon (0)
amazing voice
Kishi (0)
Camile Velasco was THE underdog of season three. Regardless of nerves, early exit or any other negatives, she proved herself on the album, the tour and has freed herself from that timid, shy personality people assumed she had. Camile suffers from a hearing disorder in one ear and at the time of the competition, she ended a five year relationship, as well as slightly damaging her vocal chords. All of these things ruined her chance of making it further. But, the summer tour, her fame in the west coast and Hawaii, as well as her much publicised ten day trip and concert in Philippines (after 17 years) reaffirmed Camile's destiny as a star. No, she's not as popular as Jasmine Trias, but she'll prove all her naysayers wrong...doing her own style, her own genre, and with her new found confidence AND just recently being signed to a major record label, I'm proud to say that she's going places. Do it Camile! 5 stars!
FanOfCamile7 (0)
Camile is a very unique person with an amazing voice and a heart of gold! I love you Camile!!!!!!!
bluezblu (0)
i'll be the first one to purchase her album whenever it comes out.....i'll be waiting
nc012 (0)
Camile RoCKs!
PTRoxieMisha (3)
Very beautiful girl, but seriously lacking in vocal training.
rainer21 (0)
talented, but overrated
Crzy4Kelly (0)
She is a softy and i think she should take alot of big risks and extend her vocals 4 stars
monkie5383 (0)
To all of you who think she is not an excellent singer, just wait, she will blow you all away, she has a voice like no one else and it makes me so happy. I have seen her in the AI3 live tour twice already and I am going once more just to see her... she is my girl... don't be jealous of her talent!!!
reiajai (0)
hey girl! you ROCK! wish you all the best!
Blakersm7 (0)
I love Camile Velasco I hope she makes a CD really really soon
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