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Ignatius J. Reilly, RIA ReveiwerGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 3.88 based on 16 ratings

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JohnSpina (20)
A thought:If his paramour yells "Oh my God" in bed,will he take offense?
sfalconer (21)
Isn't this taking the definition of celebrity a little far. I mean for gods sake we are not all celebrities, are we? I know, I know bad pun intended.2
GenghisTheHun (155)
Hang in there. I enjoy your comments. This site would be booooring if we all agree!11
traderboy (24)
While I'm not the biggest of atheism's boosters, you'd have to be a sedentary stick-in-the-mud not to enjoy the wit and candor that Ignatius J. Reilly brings to RateItAll. Irascibly hearfelt prose coupled with a moderate bent that's seldom spotted in these divisive times. A prodigious listmaker who'll run the gamut from grounded to whimsical and back again. Weathers invective like a Teflon-plated automaton, and posts in regions where others fear to type. Perhaps age plays a part in our respective affinities (there's only a four-year difference), but this much is certain: the site would more resemble a stilted Xerox copy were it not for the contributions of this celebrated nontheist.5
aWiseguy (73)
RIA would be much better if we had more balanced reviewers like, Ignatius J. Reilly. God Bless5
Flick01 (77)
They don't come any better than IJR.7
James76255 (13)
It's apparent that Ignatius J. Reilly and I don't agree about 98% of the time. Still, he usually expresses his opinion with some intelligence, plus we do share a bit of a bond through a certain book. Maybe some day we can sit down and have a cup of tea. Don't forget your towel.3
Donovan (110)
IJR atheism is overated (lol). I really appreciate IJR. Of all the people who disagree with me he is one of my favorites. A great guy!3
X Factor Z (11)
Atheism, as well as most skepticism, seems very irrational to me . It is better to be Agnostic and question whether there is a God because no one can be certain for sure about any of such ideas. That rationalization also should be applied to politics and governments, so all philosophies and beliefs can be practiced and discussed in open forums. Not many understand that secular government helps foster the freedom of religion, if not, we have the Taliban. A person does not have to believe or accept everything, but at least keep an open mind towards unusual phenomenae until faeries are just magazine cutouts proof can be truly established. If one dismisses everything then the enrichment and enjoyment from the great mysteries of life can never be fullfilled and life will become too dogmatic and boring. (PS, In God We Trust on US coinage, which once featured a known image of the Roman God of Commerce, Mercury? What God does the Illuminati want us to trust anyway?!).1
IgnatiusJReilly (79)
I have decided that my Atheism is not about being against any gods, rather it is about simply not believing in them. It is not neccessary to oppose any believe in god, gods or whatever. By protesting or complaining about the words, UNDER GOD in the Pledge, or IN GOD WE TRUST on the money, Atheists are acknowledging that there is something behind the words worth protesting. What they are are simply words, words about what I consider to be a myth, and words are not worth getting angry about. To put it simply, I am not against god, I simply don't believe gods or god exsists. I cannot be against something that doesn't exsist. If you want to believe, it's no skin off my nose.7
CastleBee (82)
In all the correspondence we've had here on RIA, Iggy has always been very nice and respectful to me. He's sent me lots of great list suggestions and was very upbeat about the counter to this list that I posted after we discussed the topic. While I'm praying that he sees the light, he's probably just hoping I'll get a grip on reality. LOL! I guess the question to believe or not to believe is going to haunt the human race until the end of time. Each generation and each individual will have to answer it for his/herself. But, that doesn't mean we can't be nice to one another while we ponder the question. 10
StanUzbeck (15)
Hey, I'm an atheist. Can I get on this list? Or am I not famous enough, Mr. Reilly?5
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