Fletcher Health & Rehab Ctr

Fletcher Health & Rehab Ctr
518 W Fletcher Ave
Tampa ,  FL   33612
United States
Phone: (813) 265-1600
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Fletcher Health & Rehab Ctr 1

My mother was a victim of Fletcher Health and Rehab in Tampa for nearly 60 days. During her stay she saw a doctor once when he tried to give her medicine for an illness she didn’t have because he had the wrong patient. Thank God she was alert and oriented enough to tell him she didn’t have that disease. She was there eleven days before someone examined and changed the dressing on her surgical wound (the reason she was there) and then only because we starting complaining to the management. Twice we were told by one of the Social Workers that she was to be discharged because she wasn’t doing her physical therapy and the insurance company insisted that she be discharged. When we talked by phone with the physical therapist and the insurance company they did not know anything about that. When we confronted the Social Worker over the phone she said that it must have been a miscommunication with the patient. After that the Social Worker was consistently too busy to receive or return phone calls. My mother was consistently berated by some of the physical therapists for not putting weight on her right foot despite the surgeon’s order that she not bear weight on that foot for 90 days. She consistently was left in her own excrement and berated by aides because of it, even though they were the ones not responding to her calls for help to get to the bathroom. Their excuse was that her call light was to dim to see. Apparently 60 days is not enough time to change a light bulb, and it is better to blame the patient for the problem. She was given choices for meals but she rarely received what she had requested. I cannot tell you how often she ended up with a grilled cheese sandwich. She said she never wants to see another grilled cheese sandwich. She always requested coffee with her meals and the kitchen always sent an empty cup. Sometimes the aides would go and get her a cup of coffee and sometimes they would tell her they were going to get one and not come back. The last day that she was there she was sent out for a doctor’s appointment and someone at the facility called to tell me that I needed to go to the doctor’s office to pick her up because she was being discharged. They grudgingly relented because I was at work and could not leave early. I was told to pick her up after work or they would start billing us as private pay ($250.00 per day). This all despite the fact that day the surgeon ordered three more weeks of therapy. I would not recommend this facility to anyone.

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