Michael Angelo Batio (guitar for Nitro, solo)

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Michael Angelo Batio (guitar for Nitro, solo) 5

“Hands Without Shadows” CD Release World renowned progressive rock guitarist, Michael Angelo Batio released his new CD on October 27th, 2005, titled “Hands Without Shadows" to rave reviews. Here is what others have to say: ”Deep Purple must have wrote "Burn" with Batio in mind. Raise the fist of the metal child is all I can say! Michael shreds, shreds and shreds. He blazes through some of the most melodic arpeggio movements I've ever heard! His technique is flawless and amazing as always. He tears through many high octane guitar solos and an impressive neo-classical passage, leaving you craving more”... and: “Michael Angelo Batio went outside the box with "Hands Without Shadows." The CD is packed with awesome renditions of rock anthems, just updated with Batio flare. The two original songs helped quench the thirst new material. "Hands Without Shadows" is must own for guitar music fans” Nick Martinelli, www.theshredzone.com “Pray On, Prey” a nature based song with a nice rhythm, great melodies and of course more licks then the Tootsie Roll Owl. The slower pretty leads show that this man could handle pretty much any duty in the rock/metal genre. And of course, Batio attempts to break the land speed mark again, with rocket fast scales and single note playing galore... and: “After reading several ignorant assessments of his play stating that he was just speed, this CD validates his abilities to play the masters with clarity and feel as well”… Matthew Hoffman, www.hardrockhaven.com 'Hands Without Shadows' is Michael Angelo Batio’s most ambitious work to date featuring guest appearances by Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge and Creed, Rudy Sarzo of Ozzy, Whitesnake and Quiet Riot, Doug Marks, founder of Metal Method, virtuoso guitarist Bill Peck and more. Bobby Rock played drums on the entire CD. The primary bassist William Kopecky is a 6 string and fretless virtuoso. Chris Djuricic engineered and mixed the CD, Dean Guitars graphic designer Stephen Jensen designed the “HWS” artwork and the disc was mastered by Trevor Sadler. Batio included some of his new songs plus his versions of some of the best rock songs of the past - to pay tribute to some of the legendary rock guitar greats like Jimmy Page ('Zeppelin Forever"), Randy Rhoads ("Tribute to Randy"), Jimi Hendrix ("All Along the Watchtower") and more. The CD is cohesive and has a central theme, sound and continuous atmosphere from beginning to end - Hands Without Shadows is Batio's uncompromising vision. 'Hands Without Shadows' track list: Burn Tribute To Randy Zeppelin Forever Hands Without Shadows Wherever I May Roam Dream On Pray On, Prey All Along The Watchtower “Hands Without Shadows” can be purchased at www.angelo.com "Hands Without Shadows" by Michael Angelo Batio is a MUST BUY!!!

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