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Common sense, intelligence, and balance. RIA's Chief Justice.

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I made my living in politics for many years, and I have little faith in the correctness of the right or the left side of the spectrum.

I have learned that neither side of the aisle has a monopoly on truth, honor or honesty, and that both sides are equally motivated by expediency and self interest. And the best politician of both sides are motivated by a sense of doing the best they can, by the terms of their philosophy.

It is a fool who demonizes their political opponent, for it may well prove to be true that the very position they take, is one embraced out of necessity within a few short years. Or less.

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A judicious curmudgeon.  Who would have thought such a thing was possible.  I'd pour him a drink from the bottle that is in the top cupboard any day.

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I would posit that he leans a little to port, but can claim the moderate mantle for all that. I am glad he is back with his wit, knowledge, and satire.

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From one centerist to another, I appreciate his ability to look at the flipside of an issue before taking a thoughtful, educated stance...but never one that is unnecessarily watered down. His clear dedication to ria is an inspiration to newer folks such as myself. Also, I respect his passion for baseball - the sport and it's history - he is a fan in the best sense of the word.

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Irishgit was one of the reviwers that I took a liking to early on. I can't tell yu how many times I have split my sides laughing over some of his comments, or how many times I got frustrated because he had already made exactly the same comment I would have made (especially on some of the humorous items). He has an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge, and is intersting to correspond with. He sure is a lot smarter than his shanty Mick self-description would lead you to believe. RIA would not be the same without his wit or his incisive comments on politics.

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i like this guy. any problems i had with Irish stemmed from his dislike of Kerouac, and my irationality where writers are concerned. other than a few writers, a generall agree with Irish. As for him being a moderate, or whatever a moderate is. I doubt that. i think Irish has his view and beliefs, they just don't need to be constantly proven and tested, especially on a web site where there's books and authors that deserve serious debate. Besides everyone knows Bush isn't half the man James Joyce was.

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Typically fun to read regardless of what the topic is. He's a little too pro-Canada for my tastes (lol) but nonetheless still a great reviewer!

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