Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)

The hero and main character of both the Pokemon anime and the Pokemon manga. Named Satoshi in the Japanese version.
Item added by ClassicTVFan47. Added on 02/28/2004
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Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) 1

Ash is pathetic. Why does he use his weak and unevolved pokemon and manage to beat the strong and evolved ones. He and his stupid Piikachu is the reason I rarely watch Pokemon anymore.

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Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) 1

I wonder what the triangle on his hat represents?.......

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Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) 2

I used to watch Pokemon, but over time it got worse. Or maybe I just grew up. Anywho, he isn't much of a hero, he just sends his Pokemon to do his bidding. Almost sounds like a villian.

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BeatlesfanStev eo

Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) 1

A waste of time. I feel bad for who ever created pokemon.

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Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) 5

A character I can relate to, Ash Ketchum wants to be a hero and the best ever. He's quite amusing, and doesn't even realize that Misty has a crush on him.

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forgotten hero

Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) 1

How is this pathetic excuse of a cartoon character a hero? He runs around and catches animals in these tiny balls. After he abducts them from their natural habitat he then forces them to obey his will and battle other pokemon.

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Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) 1

This motley collection of twerps are your All-Time Heroes? Even by the standards I've come to expect of you CTVFan, this is downright pathetic.

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