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Chauncey vs. RIAGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:1.20 based on 10 ratings
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GenghisTheHun (168)
I take it by reading the old postings that Chauncey was a self proclaimed expert on his many subjects. Evidently he held himself out to be a journalist. There have been others of his ilk posting here since, and some have held themselves out to be writers, or authors or some such.

I feel a streak of charity tonight, so I am not going to name anyone. I would post this query. Does engaging in such occupations cause brain damage?

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irishgit (138)
2ND UPDATE: He's back, whether for a rematch or not remains to be seen. Like Beav, I've got him on auto-ignore. UPDATE: (Imagine a little Clapton guitar in the background) Chauncey fought the Law, and the Law won, Chauncey fought the Law and the Law won. LOL... ORIGINAL POST: This is mostly in Chauncey's mind, as he seems to regard himself as the new age badass to end all such. A rebel without a clue, he can't even keep his stories straight from morning to afternoon. Since he appears to write his posts in between his stints of sweeping the floor at the newspaper he claims to work at, or running out to get the staff coffee, I guess it would be unfair to expect him to actually remember anything.

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Mr.Political (18)
Gee, I wonder who won?

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ClassicTVFan47 (36)
Chauncey is a hate-filled, dirty-minded potty-mouth who seems to just wants to shock. Since the RIA has the power to delete his comments and even ban him for life if he gets even more out of hand, Chauncey doesn't stand a chance, because evil never wins.

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
AndrewScott (71)
It's not uncommon to see people purposely provoke negative attention, after not getting noticed for positive things. Kids and teenagers do this all the time, as well as grown men. A dash of notoriety brings a sense of self-importance some need. Occasionally people set themselves up to be criticized, for some counterintuitive ego-based reason. Several raters actually come to mind as having stepped up the very behaviors individuals are not pleased with to either gain attention or a sense of self-importance. Personally, Chauncey isn't someone I can hate. Unlike some, I don't mind reading his repeated expressions of victimhood, realizing his colorful stories aren't meant to be taken that seriously. But for those especially annoyed, realize that your attention does something for his self-importance. Peace, everybody.

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scarletfeather (47)
His goal is to shock and outrage us all. His rantings do not interest me. And he is not amusing, like some of the other troublemakers on this site. And as I've said before: I've got nothing against troublemakers as long as they're amusing.

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twinmom101 (31)
Just ignore this bottom-feeder. Quite possibly the most boring rater on here. I don't even waste my time rating him helpful or unhelpful. Maybe he finds himself shocking and controversial but I find him juvenile and dull.

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