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Overall Rating: 3.00 based on 5 ratings

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Drummond (56)
Totally unfamiliar with them.0
HelloKitty06 (37)
Why is the media obsessed with Barbie and Ken doll? Ryan has the personality of a wilted lettuce and Trista is so annoyingly perky 5
CastleBee (82)
As far as I'm concerned, this smarmy couple-creation didn't even deserve 15 minutes. At least, they never got 15 minutes running from me. Of course you couldn't avoid them altogether since they were plastered all over televsion, magazines, and whatever else the publicists could drum up for weeks during the show. That only served to make me realize that there was something about the simpering Trista that made me want to slap her silly. And Ryan just seemed like a cardboard cut-out of a beefed up male model. A lethal combination of rancid phoney baloney and plastic romance with all the reality of a Jerry Springer show. Pah-uke!5
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