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Road trips

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.82) based on 17 ratings

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SteveTN (0)
The road trips were so much fun! Destination unknown most of the time until we got where we ended up. We had an extremely memorable roadtrip to Wildwood, NJ that we still joke about today. Great memories!1
ashleys (19)
In what other era of your life was it acceptable to stay for the game on Saturday, and drive 7 hours to the beach high on Squirms (sugary, chewy sour worm candy, of course), only to drive back the next day? Or to sleep in your friend's kitchen over the summer to save money so that you could afford your trips? Or accept a job doing tough, menial labor in Europe so that you could have a place to sleep? What about driving a cargo van across the country delivering packages to get free gas? When else are you going to stay at hotel in NYC where you try to look at and touch nothing but each other? College and the road trip. Where would we be without the combination?2
Bird808 (53)
I recently completed my MA(Masters)/post-grad at a small independent college and I had more fun and memories in the last year than I ever did in my three years at Uni. We had loads of road trips, it was the MOST fun. Music blaring, people in the cars or vans and the excitement of getting to your destination. More stories to tell the grandkids.3
OrangeCharlie (4)
The zany road trips were the most memorable. The trip was better than the destination. Where did all of that non-stop enery go?3
CanadaSucks (39)
I wouldn't know because I was too poor and had to work. The only regret of my college experience.1
ClassicTVFan47 (40)
Not during college. That's for summer break! ^_^1
irishgit (117)
Oh, this was fine. Some of the best memories of my life, and when I am really old I can hold them close to keep me warm.5
Enkidu (40)
One of the best things for me, and I did this a lot. Can give you a life-long taste for exploring new places.3
tvtator (7)
I enjoyed the road trips when I was in college. They were fun and educational. I went to places that I would not have gone to by myself or with my family. 3
zuchinibut (31)
If you drive on vacation at any other point in your life you call it a trip. But for some reason if you do this while in college, it becomes a Road Trip. I never got this difference.1
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