Las Vegas

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Las Vegas 5

I was there recently.  It's awesome because everyday Joe's can live like rockstars for a few days and stay in swanky hotels.  One thing I will warn about is those cards that people are handing out all over the place.  You know the ones of near naked women except for stars over the nipples that guys and flicking all day and night, and discarded cards have practically formed a carpet on the street.  Well my friends collected at least a hundred of these cards and picked the top 10 to call and come strip.  Interestingly enough even though they all have different numbers - slightly, the last couple numbers are different - they all get funnelled to the same call center.  The same person - Ashley I believe - answered these calls.  So a friend Bill did the negotiating to try and get the girls to visit the hotel for this "$49 special" advertised on the card.  Turns out they need $200 per girl up front and then the more guys tip the more they will dance.  Well they come over, two girls both attractive.  13 of us chipped in and gave the girls $400.  They went in the bathroom to discuss and said it's not $400 it's $2000 for 15 minutes.  So we said well that's not part of the deal.  For $400 they would give the bachelor a private dance in the bathroom and that's it.  After 20 minutes of trying to finagle some sort of deal with the strippers and getting the phone operator back on the line the girls bounced, threatening to "have us arrested for kidnapping" if we kept them/continued arguing with them.  They took the $400 and walked, no one saw anyone naked, although Bill may have seen a breast in the bathroom during negotiations.  Interestingly a friend in the room said the exact same thing happened to him last time.  So, now you know what it's like to call one of those cards.

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Las Vegas 5

I'd go even of there wasn't a party. This is for you dude.

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Las Vegas 4

I'd do this.

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Las Vegas 5

Nothing like sin city to go see some strippers.

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