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Good and bad- Good:- always hand, can take it anywhere, some now have some neat features such as cool graphics, polysymphonic rings, games, a digital camera(really why do you need a camera on your phone?) voice mail, text messaging, email and internet capabilities and it's good for emergencies. Bad- people have forgetten to communicate one on one, in person with one another, their ear is pressed to that freakin cell phone! They take it everywhere! They even take it to the mall, Wal-Mart, you name it and talk to their family members who are right there in the store! Do you know how aggravating that is?! They talk in the car and pay no attention to the road. They waste their minutes talking to their friends or family when they probably live in town and they could probably could either see them in person. All over town you hear different rings going off, even in church and at the movies because some don't have the decency to turn them off! At the movies obsessive cellphone nimrods get them out and play with them during the movie, I just went to rip it out of their hand and throw it across the room. Remember a time when we didn't have celluar phones and you had to communicate actually facing a person or even using a regular telephone? I think life was actually better. If you want to know, yes I own one, but I hardly use it, I keep my conversations short. I rarely use it in the car, unless I'm parked, I turn it off in the theater and if I'm at church and only a few people have my cell phone number. When I go out to run errands, go out with friends, family or do whatever I don't make a bunch of calls, my friends and family don't bug me on my cellphone and I'm not obsessive about it.

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