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Bernie Ebbers (MCI WorldCom)

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irishgit (117)
Another corporate rat-bastard who should be doing hard time. And I mean real hard time, in a mainline max joint, not a country club gig. Guys like this and Lay and the Enron gang are the ulcer on the colon of capitalism. And there are way more of them than I'm comfortable with. Put the pack of them in prison denims or orange jumpsuits and lets see how much they like dropping the soap at Marion or Huntsville. That ought to make the next generation of Armani suited thieves think twice.7
edt4 (86)
The lowest example of slimebag humanity I can imagine. I wouldn't p**s on him if he were on fire at my feet. Did he kill or molest anybody? No (at least, not so far as I know) but I know people who worked for his company who lost their entire life savings...everything. When his scheme was finally brought to light, he aligned himself with Jesus, and prostituted Christianity in an effort to make himself look good. I mean, heck, he taught Sunday School! Assuredly anybody who taught Sunday School can't be a crook! Not enough that he defrauded and ruined countless numbers of innocent, hard-working people who were only trying to support themselves and their families. Finally, on the day he was sentenced, he cried pitifully like a baby, like the craven, lowlife scumbag he is. Even child-molesters rate more compassion than he does. After all, child molesters, for the most part, were molested children who can claim to be operating under a compulsive mental-illness. What is Bernie's excuse? Greed, nothing more than callous greed. I hope he lives a long, long time in prison.4
noskcaj (0)
Worries about how long people take for coffee breaks in between his stealing and mismanaging numbers by 10 billion of so. Denied it and say who would do worry about coffee breaks? Got a felling he is full of it. I have worked for many people who worry you are taking that extra minute even when you aren't. Usually they have been incompetent and lacked common sense and should have been worried about their lack of understand business. Usually why we are there. Profits.0
Moosekarloff (12)
One of the biggest losers and thieves in U.S. corporate history. Keelhauling and Drano enemas aren't sufficient punishment for this sack of crap. Maybe put him up on the tier at Riker's Island with the general prison population for the next 30 years: this will give him plenty of time to fight off the amorous advances of Mustafa and the boyz. 3
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