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Janet's Boob-Boo

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Jessica Lynch
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Djahuti (56)
I couldn't BELIEVE the ruckus over this! Personally,I think it was set up.Even if it wasn't,who cares? If anybody is traumatized by seeing a tit for 1/25th of a second,they belong in the nuthouse anyway.No wonder Europeans think we're unsophisticated!!!4
HelloKitty06 (35)
Give me a break! You think these people never saw a ta-ta before. 1
StarkTruth (58)
I don't know what all the fuss was about, but you've got to admit that it put the term "wardrobe malfunction" on the map. It's a catchy phrase and one I don't mind using from time to time when a mishap occurs. Oops... button popped off in the middle of a meeting... not to worry... "wardrobe malfunction" to the rescue! 3
Stephen7 (8)
well it is over rated as a bloop but maybe i read that last reveiw backwards.it was fun to say it like.it was 5 seconds of anyone noticing anyone barely.3
Jamie McBain (33)
Please.... it was five seconds and barely anyone noticed anything.2
edt4 (81)
As someone, whose name unfortunately escapes me (could it have been H.L. Mencken?), once said, "America is the most sex-repressed and sex-obsessed country in the world."5
DumbBlondeCowgirl (25)
I think the whole thing is absolutely rediculous. Its a boob. Not a very attractive one either. Lets just call it an anatomy lesson. If you're a girl....you'll be growing a pair. If you're a boy......you'll be grabbing a pair first chance you get. Get over it.6
numbah16tdhaha (132)
On my Dish Network DVR their is a remote button that skips you a few seconds back to re-watch something. I now call it the Janet Jackson button.4
Drummond (51)
The incident proved that there is a vast number of Americans with entirely too much time on their hands. Who cares?1
Bird808 (53)
Ahhh yes the famous "wardrobe malfunction" incident, PURLEASE! They staged this from start to finish and the only reason Justin made an apology is that he knew the extent of how serious this had become. So what, you wanted to make a few headlines by exposing Janet J's Boobies? Well who would the public prefer, hers or Joan Rivers's?5
Vudija (95)
The media attention on this was so over the top, it was almost unbearable to turn on the tv, as every channel had some segment dedicated to the whole event. I'm with IJR---I've certainly seen worse just walking down the street. It's been on tv for years, I don't understand why one "wardrobe malfunction" was what it took to change the way hollywood did their scenes or what the networks would and would not allow on national television. 6
PlanetaryGear (53)
I was more offended by the reaction to this incident than I was with incident itself - This spoke volumes about the so-called moral majority in this country when a bare naked boobie ( which most people missed anyway ) takes precedent over more pressing moral issues of our time, like the war in Iraq ( I wonder how many troops died during the medias slavish devotion of this non-issue ), the poverty and health care issues that are plaguing our nations poor and uninsured and the fact that we are ranked near the bottom in education compared to the rest of the industrialized world ( which is not suprising, considering the garbage that we let pass for 'news' in this country ). Remember gang, boobies don't kill people, lying Presidents and a failing social infrastructure do... 5
James76255 (14)
Good Lord, I couldn't believe the amount of media attention dedicated to one boob. But enough about Al Gore... First off, anybody that was actually watching the halftime show knows that you didn't really see anything. Yeah, I was actually paying attention to the halftime show for whatever reason. It was, maybe, 3 seconds of a boob that was little more than a dot on the screen at the time. Over the next few days, video from seven different angles, and still pictures from three diffent angles, were run and re-run over and over while people complained about the 3 seconds that scarred their children for life. There was thousands times more exposure of Janet's right boob on the news than there was during the Superbowl. In the end, it caused a ripple effect that still hasn't completely stopped moving. Howard Stern going to Sirius Radio, ABC refusing to air Saving Private Ryan, the Nicolette Sheridan Monday Night Football skit (which normally wouldn't have got that much attention), the networks using 5 second delays... All of this can draw a line to Janet Jackson's right tit. I don't know if it was planned, I don't know if it was all a publicity stunt, I just know there was a major overreaction.7
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
OH, GET THE HELL OVER IT ALREADY. Five seconds of boobage ain't gonna mess anybody up for life. If it does, I feel sorry for that person. You see worse just walking down the street sometime, for God's sake!3
alpepper (17)
Optionfootball below hit the nail with a sledgehammer. What was the NFL thinking when they allowed MTV to host a Super Bowl show? The wardrobe malfunction was simply the coup de grace of an American travesty: from P-Diddy's incoherent mumblings, to the other rapper's incessant crotch grabbing (I think it was Nelly), to Kid Rock's screaming and looking like a homeless Vietnam Vet on PCP, to Justin and Janet's fiasco. I never heard of any of the songs in the show or would ever want to (what kind of lyric is I'll have you undressed before this song is over). Left to their own devices, MTV would have also aired a gang bang of one of the Real World skanks by the dudes from Jackass. MTV was smirking like a punk who left the burning bag of doo-doo on somebody's doorstep after they got away with a relatively light slap on the wrist by the FCC. They enhanced their notoriety while totlly eclipsing the significance of a well-played Super Bowl, which was largely forgotten. The NFL was at least smart enough to have Sir Paul McCartney do this year's show. Every song he did was entertaining and well performed. Have you watched MTV lately? They might as well take the M away from MTV.4
kattwoman (24)
this was given way too much attention and made too big a deal over. i personally didnt want to see it but this world and nobody in it are perfect and things can happen. all the attention is what caused so much freaking out over it. it gave the do gooders of the world a band wagon they could jump on and allowed them to set us back1
Almira Gulch (0)
I personally prefer Lil'Kim's boob to Janet's. She had on a purple sequined pasty. High fashion at it's best and Dianna fondling her! Justin, you blew it!1
excelsior30 (10)
It simply is too much talk about this. They should cut to the chase and put firm rules to all the things that are happening both on an off the field for all people young and old and then enough! Besides, I would say that-what's his name-was the one to blame; we have to question if he delibeartely pulled the cup off. This is not the only time I saw a something like this when I was 11- on a Family Matters episode, Steve pulls off a string and it showed Laura's bra and if you look at it close enough, you can see the nipple concealed. Children at some point will be exposed to erotic stiuatons that is not in televised sports. Can we get this over with already? How come nobody was talking about the famous streaker Mark Roberts at the beginning of the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl? (Though you saw him for only 3 seconds, you should have seen him on Fox Sports Net's The Best Damn Sports Show Period 2 weeks after the game. In the extended video, after doing some Riverdance-like dancing, he was rammed by Patriots #58 Matt Chatham when he was chased by the police!)1
Molfan (50)
Another example of when the press makes way too big out of an incident. okay some people saw her boob.Big deal. No they have to show it over and over Now it has become Who can we punish for this!It has become the topic of discussion on news and talk shows. Let it go. and move on to something more important.5
Redoedo (41)
Once again, while I think the time and place for this performance was in poor taste, it is not nearly as obscene or morally questionable as what is shown on television on a regular basis. The uproar that this one little incident has inspired is shocking. Get over it.1
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