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Reviews for McDonald's  1-16 OF 16

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Donovan (99)
When I was a kid I loved McDonald's but now it always makes my stomach upset.2
Ih8rateitall (6)
McDonald's is my favorite fast food restaurant. The burgers are tasty and the fries are cooked to perfection.1
dusteater (4)
McDonald's Suck! The food is horrible and nasty. Give me In and Out Burger anyday! Hate is a strong word, but it's not a person with feelings. Who gives a crap! I hate McDonald's.3
Sundiszno (31)
Hey, this is simple. If McD's had to rely on me to stay in business, they'd have gone broke even before they opened.1
texasyankee (24)
Mickey d's repulses me.3
kattwoman (24)
how can i hate mcdonalds i seem to eat there 2-3x a week 1
Mooselover (1)
Though I don't care much for Mcdonalds and I know they can be very unhealty, hate is a very strong word. I go their every once and a while and enjoy it. But I don't go every single day like most people do.Update: I really starting to dilike them more. They're stuff is waaaay too salty and greasy and is really not good for you. Eat somewhere else instead.3
LanceRoxas (39)
I've been eating Mickey Ds since I was three and haven't stopped since. Obviously I can't eat it every day or I'd look like Michael Moore but I do love a good junk food binge from time to time. 2
SpecialboothvicJr. (10)
I love Mickey D's. They have exellent chicken strips, and the fries. mmmmmm!0
swangmaster8 (4)
Not to badd when your really hungry.0
Major of the ROTC (1)
What can you expect from a company who doesn't even grill its own burgers? Rather... it preheats a gigantic compressed microwave and THAWS them out!!!! Ever wonder why your Double Cheeseburger tastes like a untoasted waffle sometimes? 1
VisionDude8 (0)
The ads make me puke. So do the things they advertise.0
scarletfeather (39)
Don't eat there;their food is crap. You'd be better off eating ramen noodles.4
Djahuti (56)
About as nutritious as cow plop,but less digestable.3
IgnatiusJReilly (78)
The food is too damn expensive for the way it is presented and tastes. I'll take Whataburger or JACK IN THE BOX anytime. 4
numbah16tdhaha (130)
Food sucks and the ads are worse.3
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