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Pop Punk Music

Overall Rating:Average Rating (4.06) based on 18 ratings

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Ih8rateitall (6)
I can't stand that mtv type punk emo garbage! Learn how to really rock dudes.4
numbah16tdhaha (136)
If you mean crap like Green Day, sign me up and throw me a gallon of Haterade.2
dusteater (4)
Well... At least it's better than rap. Rap is the worst kind of music ever!3
PlanetaryGear (53)
Some of it is corporate pap, but I like Green Day, which I guess is considered Pop Punk. Seriously though, some of you Punk Rock purists are just being snobby, which ironically, is very unpunk rock-ish. 2
beachykeen (0)
Pop Punk is a joke. I grew up in Washington, DC during the 80s listening to REAL punk and hanging out at REAL punk shows. Kids today have no clue what being a punk really means. They will never understand what it's like to be an outcast or different. Shopping at Hot Topic with daddy's credit card doesn't qualify you as a punk. Also, being gothic back in the days of Bauhaus and early Cure was cool, now it's just trendy and lame.....0
sixty7a (3)
If you can call this music!1
swangmaster8 (4)
amen to that good buddy, this kind of music makes me sick to my stomach but everybody has there own option.0
singsplatsing (0)
Bull crap...especially Good Charlotte, bunch of no-talent whiners. 0
Mooselover (1)
I miss classical rock!!!0
Djahuti (55)
Nothing worse than a bunch of spoiled suburban dweebs posing as street tough and singing about angst as if they ever had any.2
Skizero (12)
this is high up there for me. i respect old 1970's punk and early 1980's punk/new wave, and i certainly love those dudes like Bowie, Iggy, and Lou Reed that helped bring this music into it's London/NYC incarnation. but this crap that is out there now claiming to be punk...get a clue, man. this isn't punk. it's Disney authorized attitude. Good Charlotte, Blink, SUM 41, Autopilot (jerk)-OFF etc etc, i could beat all of those guys. what's so Punk about being on the corporately sponsored Warped Tour? this music is just as corporate as Timberlake and Spears. if you're 14 and you think SUM 41 is punk, Shut up! besides no one cares about what you have to say until your 18 anyway, and even then they don't care. I blame this pop punk all on Green Day. Green Day stinks and they always have. I dont care if Billie Joe is down with politics and hates BUsh and wrote a Pop Punk Opera with American Idiot. Billie Joe IS the American Idiot. he should shut up and play the three chords he knows. in the real world he'd be cleaning some kids pee in a Disney bathroom.1
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