Walther P99

A pistol made by German manufacturer Walther.
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Walther P99 5

This is the new modern entry by Walther and is available in several calibers. It has wide application among law enforcement and target shooters.

Walther is a German firm producing quality firearms for decades.

My dad was with Patton's Third Army in WWII and his unit took a Walther factory. It was an assembly line with thousands of firearms in every stage of assembly. At the end of the line was a batch of brand new Walther PP's and the GI's helped themselves. My dad sent his pistol home and had it all his life.

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Walther P99 3

Tinkerbell (a pink Walther PPK 9mm) does it for my old lady, and my 38 Chief Special "stopped" everything that needed stopping back in the day.

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