Desert Eagle

This is the largest semiautomatic ever made, and appears frequently in movies. However, this gun has ...
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Desert Eagle 2

Not really the ideal self defense gun.

Sure, if you hit someone with it in self defense, you'll knock him on his ass (hell, you may just send him flying back out of that window :D ), but the amount of recoil would make target reacquisition more difficult than a .45 or even a .40 and with the 300 gr .50 AE round, it's overpenetration galore. Is overpenetration really such a big issue? Only if you like your neighbors enough not to want them dead, otherwise it's as the old saying goes: two birds with one stone, lol.

With the Desert Eagle, you're also gonna spend a fortune on ammo and best of luck trying to carry that around.

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Desert Eagle 2

I have no use for cannons as a sidearm. I can kill you deader with my itty bitty Kahr in .40 cal.

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