Similar in size to the other full size Glocks, this gun fires .45ACP rounds.
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Glock 21 4

I bought my first glock at age 22 (a first generation G17 with pebble grip surface) and have been completely satisfied. Since then, I have purchased a G21, G26 and a G34. I still have all four pistols.

The G21 I use for pins and occasionally for IDPA. The grip is obviously bigger than the other guns, which I find more natural to point than the G21. Given the option of 13 rounds of .45, it is not a bad trade off! I have put an Agrip on it which improves the grip traction greatly. In order to shoot plated and lead rounds, I have also swapped out the stock barrel with a KKM unit. The gun also has Hi-Viz sights on it.

The gun has been absolutely reliable.

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Bill Morgan_54

Glock 21 5

Have had one for almost five years and found only one fault: It is difficult to hide under light summer clothing. Powerful, dependable, durable, easy to operate and accurate. What more could a shooter ask for?

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Glock 21 5

Gotta love a 13 round .45 auto that you can dunk in mud and still have function. This is pistol number one for me if I ever found myself in a warzone, kids.

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