The largest of the .40S&W caliber Glock handguns. One of the most popular pistols worldwide.
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Glock 22 4

This is my favorite handgun! Not because of popularity but because of the quality and dependability it delivers. Its light weight, easy to clean and can take a beating. I just love the power behind this weapon. I use it for self defense. Before being disabled I was a police officer, at which it was the first time I had ever used one. I didn't ever think that I would ever be able to hit anything because of the recoil. But with some training I can hit everything. So I became hooked on it. But I do suggest some kind of formal training unless you are a natural. Do get this weapon you'll be very satisfied! I still have mine today and have several, several people try to buy it. No chance on that! Maybe when they pry it from my cold dead fingers! lol

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